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What does a solution engineer actually do?

Solution engineers support their colleagues in the sales process the sales department in attracting customers. (Photo: Solution-Engineer / shutterstock)

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In the series “What does … ? ”We regularly present a digital profession and explain what is part of its tasks and what it should bring with it. This time it’s about the solution engineer.

If you are looking for the perfect mix between technology and business, you should take a closer look at the profession of solution engineer. It is not uncommon for him to program various technical elements for an upcoming product demo, for example. After the trip to the customer, he presents his work as a duo with his colleagues from sales. He can then answer questions about the profitability of the presented elements in detail and also calculate them.

What tasks does a solution engineer have?

Solution or pre-sales or sales engineers support their colleagues from the sales department in acquiring customers in the sales process. They mainly focus on technical aspects. This can be the presentation of current (software) solutions or the development and construction of a first proof of concept for a potential customer.

Your in-depth technical knowledge of the company’s own product enables you to advise potential customers in the best possible way. Be it about the technical feasibility of special requirements or best practices in the use of the product. They also clarify technical ambiguities.

Once the customer has decided on the product, they hand over all the necessary items to the subsequent implementation team technical information from the sales process. This can be, for example, requirements, first developed solutions or any special features. With this information, the solution can be implemented in the best possible way, as it has already been checked for feasibility by the technically oriented solution engineers.

What skills does a solution engineer need to have?

There is no special training for the profession of solution engineer. However, studying business informatics or industrial engineering offers good foundations. The following aspects from these courses of study can help a solution engineer to be successful in this profession:

  • technical Knowledge and understanding of programming and IT architecture
  • Business understanding of marketing and sales
  • Understanding for the interaction of investments, financing, cost and performance accounting
  • structured, conceptual and solution-oriented work

A serious interest in and enjoyment of sales tasks are also qualities that solution engineers will find advantageous. In this way you can present your own product much more authentically and with more enthusiasm. Regular cooperation with colleagues from sales perfectly complements the skills of solution engineers and leads to a successful team.

What are the challenges in everyday working life?

Direct customer contact often brings certain challenges with it. It can happen that potential customers already know exactly which product or solution they want. One of the most important tasks and challenges of a solution engineer is to verify exactly that. In the best case scenario, the customer is right. Often this is not the case, however, and the solution engineer actually has to find the best (technical) solution. Here it is important to be able to convince the potential customer from a business point of view.

This is another challenge in direct customer contact “Translate” – both the customer and the solution engineer can use different terms for actually the same concepts and processes. The task of the solution engineer is to adapt to this and to translate for both sides what is actually meant. This can have a positive effect on the further sales process.

The everyday work of a solution engineer often also includes travel activities. What may be attractive to one or the other can become a permanent burden for others.

What salary does a solution engineer get?

If you look at the gross annual salary of a solution engineer on gehalt.de, it is currently between 49,809 and 82,990 euros . 25 percent of the employed solution engineers each have a salary above or below these two values. This wide range comes about because solution engineers tend to work in sales and often receive bonuses and rewards for achieving sales goals.

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