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What do Pokémon GO players mean by “Shundo,” “hundo,” and “nundo”

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What do Pokémon GO players mean by “Shundo”, “hundo” and “nundo”

A very special kind of Pokémon

The community of Pokémon GO has created certain unique terms for the game, which do not come from the main series, and one of the best known is «Shundo» . For experienced players, a “Shundo” is a perfect Pokémon in all aspects: it has great stats and also a rare find visual appearance (for For example, it is a Shiny Pokémon). In other words, a Shundo is an almost unique Pokémon , one of the most difficult to get in the game.

This term comes from another, «hundo» , which are the Pokémon that have the maximum of all their statistics (hundo of «hundred» , one hundred in Spanish). When a Pokémon has very bad stats, it is called “nundo” (nule, null in Spanish). Thus, a “Shundo” is nothing more than a “hundo” with the S Shiny (that is, a Pokémon with all its statistics to the maximum that, also, it is variocolor).

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