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What about the Chivo Wallet of bitcoin in El Salvador? This is what Bukele and users say

President Nayib Bukele, always active regarding the adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador, has published new statistics on the use of the purse created by his government, Chivo Wallet. And according to him, the application is processing thousands of transactions per second.

Through Twitter, Bukele made public figures on transactions and users of Chivo Wallet, in addition to some statistics on ATMs installed in the country for the sale of bitcoin (BTC).

Among those figures, the Salvadoran president stated that the Chivo Wallet would be processing about 65,000 transactions per second . However, he made the caveat that these are not one-time transactions, as each one takes more than a second to process. What it suggests is that the count includes duplicate transactions while the Chivo system is processing them.

Among the data shared by Bukele, the more than 2 million Chivo Wallet users (which we already referred to in this newspaper), to which about 142 people are added per minute. With regard to the ATMs, which have been crowded as reported by CriptoNoticias, the Salvadoran president noted that there are some 14,567 daily transactions on these computers.

Chivo statistics released by President Nayib Bukele. Source: Twitter.

While Bukele shares very promising figures, there are those who question the data he offered. Although he clarified that it is not about 65,000 new transactions per second, tweeters like @ HuchaNo expressed doubts about the data, which described it as “absurd”.

«My transaction has been stalled for days»

The president says that the bitcoin wallet created by the government moves thousands of transactions every second. But some users pose another reality: transactions (bank withdrawals, more specifically) without becoming effective in days.

For example, @ ElFanta03716627 , claimed to have three days waiting for the money withdrawn from the Chivo Wallet in his bank account. He also made his complaint @ OscarJoya , who claimed to have been waiting for a pending transaction since September 12. The same did @ EduardoArturoE2 . In his case, he said he had a week waiting.

Crash reports abound between responses to Bukele and, if Certainly, they would be affecting Salvadorans in the handling of money to make purchases in the market or send funds between relatives.

Does just under a month, El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Since then, there have been failures, criticisms and a sustained pace of businesses and state systems that include cryptocurrency as a payment option.

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