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What a joke: Nitish Kumar on VP claims to Sushil Modi; “Did they forget…” | India latest news

In a quick swipe at BJP’s Sushil Kumar Modi, Nitish Kumar said, “Let them talk a lot about me so they can get a position.” again. “

Chief of Bihar minister Nitish Kumar on On Thursday he rejected BJP leader Sushil Modi’s claim that the rift between the BJP and JD(U) was because Nitish Kumar was not. made vice president. Describing the claim as completely false, Nitish Kumar said, “Is it a joke? I have no such desire. Have they forgotten? how We have a lot party They endorsed their president and vice president candidate? We were waiting for to be elections over Then our meeting took place.”

Nitish Kumar said, “Let them talk so much about me that they might get a position.” in Criticism of BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi who on Wednesday claimed a lot senior JD (U) Sense leaders sent on Whether there is any possibility.

A day after breaking the alliance with NDA in State, Nitish Kumar took swear on Wednesday as president minister of Mahagathbandan government.

While many BJP leaders of the opinion he had good Alas, Sushil Modi on Wednesday Nitish Kumar claimed wanted to be cum of India. He said senior The leaders of JD(U) have approached the BJP as well.

Some dinars (U) people Came to say that Nish Kumar cum and you rule Sushil Modi said, adding that the BJP never betrayed anyone. Bharatiya Janata made Chief Nitish Kumar minister five times by RJS made for him CM twice said Sushil Modi.

Nitish Kumar also Reject allegations that the investigation into the PFI led to the end of Dinar Alliance (U) -NDA in Bihar.

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