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West Midlands: Driver killed baby in stroller bye using phone while driving in Easter Sunday hit-and-run | UK news

BUT hit-and-run driver who killed a newborn baby after crashing into his wheelchair during using telephone behind the wheel was imprisoned for six-i-a-half years.

Ciarán Morris was just 18 days when James Davis, 35, crashed into his wheelchair in Brownhills High Street near Walsall on Easter Sunday last year.

Kiarana parents took him on one of his first travel out when the BMW driven by Morris drove onto the sidewalk after a collision with Another car.

James Davis, 35, was seen driving over speed limitation in 30 mph zone. Photo: West Midlands Police

CCTV cameras shown to Wolverhampton Crown Court jurors of in crash and said that Davis – who was driving without insurance and had a teenage passenger – was traveling at 67 miles per hour in 30 mph zone shortly before crash.

He did not attempt to brake or steer until the collision also left Kiarana mother with broken collarbone.

Davis then hid his mobile from the police for more two months, which the presiding judge described as “highly suspicious”.

Judge John Butterfield QC said: “When you were driving, you allowed yourself to be distracted.

“I sure that it was some kind of operation of your phone.”

After the crash, Davis was spotted on The security camera flees the scene. He told a passerby that he “killed baby and was going down for for a long time”.

He called the police about 40 minutes later to tell them what he did.

On the frames of his arrest can be seen telling the officers, “If I did this, I just want see my baby before I do that, that’s why I came here.”

He was running from car after collision
Davis fled from car after collision. Photo: West Midlands Police
James Davis was caught on Video surveillance works from the scene

Davis, of Croxstalls Avenue, Walsall, tried to claim he passed out. behind wheel.

But during the trial, prosecutor James Curtis QC told jurors: “He was in full uniform and he was clear dizzy enough, say in the crown, to invent what we call false defense.

“Corona says there is no medical justification for this driving in general is a fiction.”

In sentencing, Judge Butterfield remarked on “cruelty of fate” of in crash what happened when chiarana was walking in his stroller for in first time, while Davis opted for the longer route due to the pleasant weather.

During his testimony, Davis agreed to go to 67 mph. in 30 mph area but said he was driving within speed limitation when crash happened.

He told the court: “In last the thing I remember was going by a starry look. I can’t remember any of This is. This is like everything became empty.

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He deviated from the other side of    road
…and deviated from the other side of road. Photo: West Midlands Police
He got up on the sidewalk after the collision with Another car
Davis climbed onto the sidewalk after the collision with Another car… Photo: West Midlands Police

After Davis was found guilty, as it turned out, made 11 previous court appearances for 35 offenses – including driving without insurance in 2003 twice in 2004 and again in 2006 drug dealing, driving without insurance, drunk driving and theft of a vehicle.

Since Davis was sentenced, Ciaran parents said: “Kiaran is our precious baby boy, in he was short with uswas so loved. Unexpected and sudden circumstances of lose chiarana caused great pain, and our lives will never be the same without it.”

Detective Sergeant Julie Lyman of the West Midlands Police said: death of baby Kiaran shocked community and support poured in for his young parents. What is their grief should Was one of the happiest times of their life is unimaginable and condemnation of Davis can’t compensate for their loss.

“Our thoughts remain with them and their families.”

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