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‘We’re not going back’: Superintendent Uwalde confirms students will not be returning to Robb Elementary after the massacre

“We’re not going back to this campus,” Harrell said during special meeting of in board of trustees, and added he expects to have new address for school in “Very close” future.”

The Superintendent’s assurances were followed by a tearful mother who I spoke with panel and begged for incoming second graders who we set attend Robb Elementary School to be transferred, speaking through her sobs son was traumatized by violence.

“My son mortally afraid of school now, mother said. “What he knows right now is that when he goes to another school, he will be shot. bad human.”

Like traumatized community reeling from senseless violence, many questions about the massacre remain and authorities often gave conflicting information about how exactly attack expanded. Among the obscure details: how the shooter got inside.

Originally Department of Texas of Public Security reported that the teacher opened the door, but later said the teacher closed the door when she realized she had fired. on campus.

Teacher who made world with dying

Emily Marin, elementary school teacher walked outside school on May 24 to help colleague brought in food for the end-of-the-year party when she saw vehicle crash, according to her lawyer.

What followed next would be “the most terrible thing anyone I could take it,” her lawyer, Don Flanaree, told CNN.

Marin entered the school to announce crash and had left the door is open with stone, according to Flalanari, who helps Marin with a possible civil action against creators of weapons used in massacre.

When Marin returned to the door — still on line with 911 operators — she saw her colleague run away and heard people through street on funeral home shout: “He has gun!”

marin saw gunman’s approach, Flalanari said, so she kicked the door shut and ran to the next class, huddled under the counter.

It was there that Marin heard the shots, Flalanari said; first on the street, then at school. Her 911 call was disabled. She grabbed the chairs and then the drawers to help hide her location. She tried to be still.

“Frozen” in fear, marin got a message from her daughter asking if she’s safe. “Here is the shooter. He shoots. He in here,” wrote Marina. back, according to her lawyer. Moments later, Marin texted that she could hear the police.

According to her lawyer, in the end, Marin had to turn off her phone, being sure that the shooter would hear her. who added she heard “every shot” in school.

supportive school safety plans    may not be enough to stop a school shooting like uvaldesupportive school safety plans    may not be enough to stop a school shooting like uvalde

“She thought he would come in as well as kill she and she made world with this,” said Flanaree. “She thought she wasn’t going to make it out alive.”

According to her lawyer, the shooter targeted a different class and never met Marin. her grandson, who this is student at Robb Elementary School, also was elsewhere and survived. But still ordeal soon escalated in days after the shooting after authorities said the shooter entered the school through a door left propped open.

“She felt lonely like she couldn’t even mourn,” Flalanari said. – She is second- I guessed myself like ‘Didn’t I do it?’ ” he added.

Later, the traffic police clarified that the shooter entered instead through the unlocked door. The whole experience, however, did damage on her mental health, Flalanari said. She had to see a neurologist because “she can’t stop shaking,” he said.

Flalanari said investigators told Marin, “No, we were watching the video, you weren’t doing anything.” wrong.”

Opinion: Tragic failures of Uvalde through the eyes veteran police chiefOpinion: Tragic failures of Uvalde through the eyes veteran police chief

When asked if Marin would return to class, Flanary replied, “I don’t think she’ll ever be able to set her leg on school campus again.”

While Marina has no plans to sue the school, the police or the school district, Flanari said a petition was launched on Thursday to oust Daniel Defens, the manufacturer of used firearms in in attack, according to a court document obtained by CNN.

Preliminary complaint does not accuse gun manufacturer of any wrongdoing, but seeks to ascertain whether the plaintiff has any grounds to file a claim against Daniel Defense. CNN reached out Daniel Defans for your response to the application.

A memorial is visible near Robb's elementary school. sign in    Uvalde, Texas. A memorial is visible near Robb's elementary school. sign in    Uvalde, Texas.

‘There are many of body’

Details of carnage continues to appear more than in a week.

BUT student Inside Robb Elementary Day of shooting called 911 scary for her life and for her teacher, according to the transcript of in call in a New York Times review.

“There are many of body” 10-year-old student According to the paper, Chloe Torres told the dispatcher.

call was made at 12:10, more than 30 minutes after the shooting started inside the school.

“I don’t want to diemy teacher is deadmy teacher is deadPlease send helpSubmit help for my teacher, she’s been shot but still alive,” Torres said, according to the Times report. review of transcript.

call lasted for 17 minutes and 11 minutes, he sound of According to the Times, gunfire was heard.

victims father also asks for answers from gun manufacturer

Lawyers on Friday for in father of shooting victim Amery Joe Garza, age 10, also asked for answers from gun manufacturer.

Letter released on on behalf of of Alfred Garza III asked the manufacturer of used rifle type AR-15 in massacre to provide all marketing information, especially strategy targeting teenagers and childrenthe lawyers said in a statement.

The statement says Garza’s Texas lawyers Mikal Watts and Charla Aldous team up up with Josh Koskoff, who represented nine Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting families. in settlement agreement for $73 million against Remington, manufacturer of AR-15 in use in School shooting in 2012.
'We in trouble.'  80 minutes of horror at Robb Elementary School'We in trouble.'  80 minutes of horror at Robb Elementary School

“She will be want me to do the best i can so it never happens again any other child,” said Alfred Garza III. in statement. “I should fight her fight.”

In addition to marketing and advertising strategies, attorneys turn to Daniel Defense in Georgia. for information corresponding to “your incitement and encouragement of attack use of it is a weapon; to your on-line purchase system; and to your posts, on any platform with shooter Uvalde; and to your realization of rector use of AR-15 type rifles in mass shootings.”

“Daniel Defense said they pray for the Uvalde family. They are should back up these prayers with meaningful actions,” Koskoff said.

Attorneys representing Kimberly Garcia, Garza mother, also sent a letter to Daniel Defense requesting that the company “keep all potentially sensitive information related to the shooting including, but not limited to, “all physical, electronic and documentary evidence potentially relevant to” the company’s marketing. of Rifles type AR-15.

Daniel Defense did not respond to multiple inquiries from CNN. for comment.

On his website Daniel Defense said it would “cooperate with all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in investigations” and called the shooting in Uvalda “an act of evil.”

Preliminary death certificates for 20 victims show they died of gunshot wounds, according to District Judge Uvalde of world. CNN is waiting on report on extra sacrifice. shooter also died of gunshot wounds.

Survivors of Shooting in Uvalda and Buffalo to testify

Survivors and others affected by recent shooting next week in Buffalo and Uvalde will testify before the House Oversight Committee, according to a committee statement. website. eighteen-year-old shooter opened fire in buffalo, new york, supermarket on May 14, killing ten people in racist attack.
New York legislators pass bills to tighten the state. gun laws, including raising the minimum age to buy semi-automatic rifleNew York legislators pass bills to tighten the state. gun laws, including raising the minimum age to buy semi-automatic rifle

Witnesses in next Mia Cerrillo, a fourth-grade student, will take part in the committee hearing on Wednesday. student at Robb Elementary School; Felix Rubio and Kimberly Rubio, whose 10-year-old daughter Alexandria “Lexi” Rubio was murdered at Robb’s elementary school; Zeneta Everhart, whose son Zaire Goodman is injured. in buffalo; and Dr. Roy Guerrero, pediatrician in Uvalde. Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia also testify.

announcement of hearing in Washington on On the same day, the Texas state legislature established a committee to “conduct an inquiry into the circumstances” of the Uvalda shooting.

” fact we still don’t have an accurate picture of what exactly happened in Uvalde is outrageous,” said Dade Phelan, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, a Republican. in statement on Friday.

The committee included Texas State Representative Dustin Burroughs, Republican, Joe Moody, Democrat, and former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, Republican.

The state senator is calling for more answers

Investigators from local, state and federal agencies say they are working to identify more about circumstances behind shooting price Uvalda.

Search warrant issued for mobile phone Arrow, vehicle and his grandparents home court transcripts obtained by CNN show. The warrant gives investigators the right perform court medical expert download of mobile phone that was detected next to his body — in Search of motive.

However, criticism continues over whether the authorities reacted quickly enough to neutralize the shooter, as well as the lack of of transparency from some law enforcement officials after the shooting.
More than a week after the Uvalda massacre, officials are still avoiding media questions about what happenedMore than a week after the Uvalda massacre, officials are still avoiding media questions about what happened
According to a timeline released by the Texas DPS, there were multiple calls to 911. made on children in the classroom where the shooter was, the police were on duty all this time outside room.
Texas state legislator raised questions Thursday news conference about information on 911 calls from Robb Elementary School were duly relayed to rescuers at the scene.

State Senator Roland Gutierrez said he spoke with agency that regulates 911 calls, Commission on State Emergency Services, and was told that 911 calls are being processed and passed on to the city police force on scene. However, it is unclear if information was handed over to the school district police chief, who was the commander of the incident on scene.

“They were handed over to police officer Uvalde and the government agency I spoke to didn’t tell me. who I mean,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez also said he wants know more about what happened at school that day.

“I want to know where were the cops in this room. I want to know how a lot of of my cops were in there, how there were a lot of state soldiers there. I want to know how many state soldiers were outside. I want to know how many federal officers were inside for 19 minutes i mean for 45 minutes,” Gutierrez told reporters.

“I want to know specifically who was getting 911 calls,” he said.

CNN contacted the Commission on State Emergency Services, Uvalde Police and Uvalde Unified Independent School District for comment on Gutierrez’s statements.

CNN’s Ashley Killow, Ray Sanchez, Nick Valencia, Aaron Cooper, Morgan Rimmer, Rebecca Riess, Chris Boyett, Amir Vera, Holly Yan, Elizabeth Joseph, Aya Elamrussi, and Hayley Burton contributed to this report.


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