Wreckfest Patch Notes 2.22 Update Today on August 23, 2022 – Game Updates

Jordan Red

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A new Game Update has been released for Wreckfest Update 2.22 Find out all the latest information of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes  for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, shoppingmode Xbox One, shoppingmode Xbox Series S/X, and PC. 


– ShadowPlay can cause the game to crash upon launching it or freeze when loading a track. – Disabling paging (virtual memory) can cause the game to crash to “Out of Memory” error. – Sonic Studio causes game instability – please shut it down before running the game.


– Outdated mod tracks may cause the game to crash when loading the track. To fix the issue the track needs to be re-exported by the mod author with the latest tools included with the game. – Screen flickering on DX11 with certain Kepler-based GPUs.


– Sometimes launching the 64-bit executable results in a fatal crash. Launching the 32-bit executable first, closing it and then launching the 64-bit executable has reportedly helped in many cases.


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