The Long Dark Patch Notes 2.01 Update Today on August 25, 2022 – Game Updates

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A new Game Update has been released for The Long Dark Update 2.01 Find out all the latest information of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, shoppingmode Xbox One, shoppingmode Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

The Long Dark

– [UI] Fixed an issue that prevented the Surveyed Locations from displaying the correct number of locations when viewed in the Journal. – [UI] Fixed an issue that prevented the Voice Audio slider from responding correctly when adjusted in Audio Options.


– [UI] Fixed an issue that caused the Manage Data button (found under Privacy -> Options) to link incorrectly to Unity’s Cloud Analytics. – [UI] Added a check to the Fire Starting Menu to prevent players from being able to open the menu if they do not have all of the items required.


– [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused Carcasses to decay at an accelerated rate. – [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that prevented players from lighting torches from a lit Stove or Rim Grill. – [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that allowed players to duplicate Matches by adding a stack to a container, while a Match is lit.


– [EP 4] Donner: Fixed the interaction tag on the Prison Gate to prevent it from sometimes appearing below the gate. – [EP 4] The Detonators: Fixed an issue that would cause an item being held by the Player to be duplicated after triggering the Mine Collapse cinematic.


– [HDR] Fixed an issue that prevented the game from enabling HDR mode on HDR-enabled devices.


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