SnowRunner Patch Notes 1.33 Update Today on September 08, 2022 – Game Updates

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A new Game Update has been released for SnowRunner Update 1.33 Find out all the latest information of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, shoppingmode Xbox One, shoppingmode Xbox Series S/X, and PC.


– Fixed a bug where players got missing mods message each time when they tried to load a game save in which some of the mods were deactivated – Improved errors handling for the mod browser – Fixed a bug in the game editor where the borders of the zone for crafting were not displayed


– Supported custom pictures for custom cargo – Improved mod browser behavior on the console in order to better display estimated RAM for each mod – Added ability to set up separate addons as “able to pack truck”


– Fixed a bug where the legs of some heavy semi-trailers could get stuck in the ground after purchasing it for the Tatra 813 truck – Fixed a bug where players were unable to attach a trailer that required a saddle when the saddle was not equipped on the Tatra T813


– Fixed a bug where the hook of a heavy-duty bumper on ANK38 was floating in the air – Fixed a bug where cab reverse lights did not work for Derry 4520 – Tweaked wheel offsets for Khan Sentinel


– Fixed a bug where players were not able to load cement from Quarry for the task “Cement for the Region” – Fixed a bug where the “Turn on the engine on winched truck” option disappeared if the “C” button was bound to another button – Fixed a bug where in some cases sell of a medium log trailer did not give any money

General fixes

– Fixed a bug where control scheme “B” didn’t have a keybind for toggling the camera – Improved sounds playback from nearby trucks – Fixed a bug where the final cutscene of “Liftoff'” contrast did not work properly on the Playstation platform

General fixes

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