Path of Exile Patch Notes 2.19 Update Today on August 25, 2022 – Game Updates

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A new Game Update has been released for Path of Exile Update 2.19 Find out all the latest information of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, shoppingmode Xbox One, shoppingmode Xbox Series S/X, and PC. 

Path of Exile

– Map Bosses now drop fewer items, but of substantially better rarity, resulting in more unique items being found from Map Bosses. – Globally increased the base drop rate of unique items by 33%. – Globally increased the base drop rate of currency items by 25%.

Item Drop Changes

– Reduced the life of all other Harvest monsters, bringing the Harvest monster life more in line with monsters found in other league content. – These changes do not affect the Spectred versions of these monsters.

Harvest Changes

– Kirac will no longer offer the “Slay the Beyond Boss” mission, due to irreconcilable difficulties encountered with the Beyond revamp. – Fixed an issue where strongboxes could sometimes drop no items. Strongboxes will now always drop at least one item.

Improvements and Bug fixes

– Fixed a bug where unlimited hideout decorations could sometimes not be placed. – Fixed a bug where Cartographer’s Strongboxes in the Lake of Kalandra would mostly drop Tier 1 Maps. – Fixed a bug where monsters could sometimes get stuck in terrain in the Lake of Kalandra.

Improvements and Bug fixes

– Fixed a bug where the Iridescent Weapon Effect did not propagate to your off-hand. – Fixed a client crash that could occur with the Bony Arachnomorph Pet microtransaction.

Improvements and Bug fixes

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