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We live in the frost of the Empty Quarter.. The tragedy of Ma'rib IDPs continues

While the Houthi attacks are still continuing on the Ma’rib Governorate, located in northern Yemen, which includes millions of displaced people, thousands of them fled from the hell fire and Houthi shells. Families who fled as a result of Houthi attacks months ago are crammed into tents, where they find themselves forced to share the already scarce resources. Same name.

Among them, Ali Yahya Haiba, who had no choice but to flee again with his wife and seven children to the camp to escape the fighting around Marib so that his family shared one tent with dozens of people.

Desert frost

While the 39-year-old has only two blankets to protect his family from the harsh desert cold at night.

In the context Expressing his tragedy, he said, “Look at the desert. It is part of the Empty Quarter desert. There are no humanitarian services in it. We do not have schools, hospitals, or any services.”

We live in the frost of the Empty Quarter.. The tragedy of Ma'rib IDPs continues

from Al-Samiya camp A deserter in Ma’rib (AFP)

He added with a sigh to AFP, “We suffer a lot.. We cannot set up a cover in the tents.” We don’t even have enough capacity to set up a bathroom.” “Every three to four children use one blanket.”

No clothes or blankets.

For its part, the International Organization for Migration indicated that about 1,200 Yemeni families settled this month in the camp, after it contained only 60 , indicating that it has recently started providing services there, such as distributing emergency relief materials, trucking water, building latrines and water tanks.

from the Al-Samiya desert camp in Marib (AFP)

However, with the approaching winter months, there is increasing concern about the conditions of the displaced, especially since many of them do not have the clothes, blankets and basic materials they need to stay safe and warm, especially those who They live in temporary shelters that are not equipped to protect people from the weather,” according to the organization.

It is noteworthy that the city of Marib has always been considered a refuge for many displaced people who fled the battles or hoped for a new beginning in a city that remained independent. They have been under fire for years, but since the Houthi attacks on the oil-rich province began last February, they have been in the crosshairs of fire.

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