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We are littering electronic waste even more than the Great Wall of China this year

The weight of discarded electronic devices will exceed 57 million tonnes this year, which is more than the Great Wall of China, MTI wrote on the BBC ‘s news. The estimate was made by the International Expert Group on the Global Problem of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Forum).

According to a 2019 report by the World Economic Forum, the value of the world’s electronic waste is $ 62.5 billion (more than $ 19,000 billion), more than many countries. GDP. “A tonne of discarded mobile phones has more gold than a tonne of gold ore,” said Rüdiger Kühr, director of the United Nations Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) program.

, TVs, electronic games and sports equipment make up the so-called e-waste, which is growing by two million tonnes a year worldwide. It is estimated that less than 20 percent is collected and recycled.

“The pace of mobile phone development, for example, has led to the accelerated replacement of older devices,” said Pascal Leroy, director of WEEE. Consumers are also not sure that e-waste is handled properly: up to 40 million disused appliances can be found in UK households, according to a study by the Royal Chemical Society in 2019.

Many valuable and rare substances are hidden in in discarded electrical equipment, which is needed in several industries. Gallium in mobile phones can be used in medical thermometers, LEDs, solar panels, binoculars, arsenic for fireworks and wood preservatives, silver is used for mirrors, sun-darkening so-called reactive lenses, antibacterial textiles and gloves for touch screens, indium, , is needed to coat ball bearings in Formula 1 cars.

“Consumers want to do the right thing, but they need adequate information and easily accessible infrastructure to make e-waste collection a social norm. and placement, ”Leroy explained. He also pointed out that the collection and reuse of e-waste also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

“Reusing every tonne of electronic waste can prevent about two tonnes of CO2 emissions,” he added.

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