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‘We are at war’

Graphic new footage of the violence at the US Capitol gives a close-up view of the chaos from in amongst the rioters.

The video, by a writer for The New Yorker, lays bare the pack mentality and lawlessness of the Trump supporters who stormed the building.

Police are seen wrestling with the mob as they try to break in, while others clamber up scaffolding. Finally they flood in through a broken window and march up a staircase to chants of “treason, treason, treason”.

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Roaming unhindered, a group finds its way into the chamber where the mood simmers down as some search for ‘smoking gun’ evidence of wrongdoing.

The riot on 6 January left five people dead. Pic: The New Yorker

The violence on 6 January left five people dead. Pic: The New Yorker

One man flicks through documents, asking: “There’s got to be something in here that we can f****** use against these scumbags”, as the horn-wearing ‘QAnon shaman’ – featured in many pictures of the riot – bellows from the balcony above.

The footage was filmed on a phone by war reporter Luke Mogelson, who followed the rioters as they invaded the heart of US democracy.

Later, clouds of tear gas are also seen as woefully outnumbered police try to repel the mob at another entrance.

Some are seen trashing journalists’ equipment, while others use the rabid atmosphere to make speeches declaring “we are at war”, and talk about hunting people down “one by one”.

The riot on 6 January left five people dead – including a woman who was shot by police inside the building – and caused widespread shock and outrage in America.

It broke out at a ‘Save America’ rally in Washington, at which Trump supporters – including some from far-right groups – had gathered on the same day politicians were in the Capitol to confirm Joe Biden’s election win.

Mr Trump was this week impeached for a historic second time over claims he incited the Capitol chaos.

Some of the rioters seen in news reports across the world have now been tracked down and arrested as the FBI continues to investigate the incident.


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