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‘We also know how study in politics of manufacturing people change their parties, ‘ says Maryam

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz speaks at a press conference in Islamabad on July 28, 2022 — Screenshot/Hum News Live

ISLAMABAD: If PTI wants to apply political tactics and do people change party positions, then coalition government also knows how study in such of politics, said PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz during a press conference. on Thursday.

Her comments came after the meeting of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leaders on chalk out a future strategy after coalition the parties suffered a serious defeat in Punjab.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court of Pakistan appointed PTI chairman Imran Khan, backed by Pervez Elahi, head of the Punjab. minister as well as removed PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz from whose office party is the main stakeholder in in coalition.

Scolding the judges, the PML-N leader said that the verdict was not in benefit of formation full court because it was “an injustice and one two-sided decision”.

“There are unequal justice for Imran Khan and for Nawaz Sharif. If the vice speaker belongs to the PML-N, the court will summon him and term his decision as unconstitutional, but the court will not challenge him if he belongs to PTI,” Maryam said, adding that government will not bow before the verdict of the court.

The court ruled over 25 of our members, including 10 PML-Q members, to Imran Khan,” Maryam said. “This verdict ended justice system.”

Requirement for the Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announces verdict on PTI foreign funding case, Maryam said the commission should break his silence or coalition parties will have a sit-in outside ECP office.

“We want ESP to issue sentence in foreign funding case soon as possible. It is proven that Imran Khan received funding from Indians and Israelis.” added vice president of PML-N.

Maryam added that the head of the PTI himself elected chief electoral commissioner. “Khan used to praise the EKP, but now he blames the commission. in trying to put pressure on him.

“The PDM meeting will continue in a few more days

On the other hand, PDM head Maulana Fazlur Rehman also stressed that the judgment on a foreign funding case that was shelved for in last eight years, should to be announced soon. “Proved that PTI covered up details of his accounts from ECP,” he added.

Speaking about the PDM meeting, Fazl said that it will continue for a little more days and jamb strategy will be decided by examining opinions of all political parties involved.

The head of the JUI-F said it was challenge for in coalition government save reputation of country. He also criticized the Supreme Court decision of election of Elahi as leader minister and said it created a crisis in country culminating in economic turmoil.

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