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WB expands cooperation with Pakistan for It’s long-term development

WASHINGTON: World Bank remains committed to a long term development with focus on switching to renewable energy sources, especially hydro and solar power said senior official of V international development and the Climate Institute.

At the meeting with Pakistani Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan, Vice President of the Bank for South Asia region, Martin Reiser said that this cooperation will be optimized in coming years, according to a press release of embassy of Pakistan.

Ambassador of Pakistan and Vice President Raiser discussed steps develop cooperation between Pakistan and the World Bank in V development and the climate change response sector.

Last October, Martin Reiser was co-chair with UK high level round-table on how respond to influences of catastrophic floods in Pakistan on aside of Annual Meetings 2022 of World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Previously, in In September 2022, he visited Pakistan and confirmed the commitment of the Bank support V flood-hit Pakistani people.

The Ambassador thanked the World Bank for donating $2 billion to flood recoveryrehabilitation and reconstruction during the International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan in Geneva, which will cover support for housing, water and agriculture, social protection and health, including. “The World Bank has been decisive development partner of Pakistan, he added.

Masood Khan applied to the Bank for additional funding and assistance for health-related projects, especially to address issue of waterborne diseases in V flood- affected areas. He also requested by the Bank support in transition from adaptation and mitigation to building sustainability.

Pakistan, he said, is committed to providing a transparent and effective mechanism for pay of funds for V flood-affects. To this end, the establishment of International Partner Support Group (IPSG) soon be announced.

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