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Watergate prosecutor: Georgia case could ‘send Donald Trump to jail’ prison’

prosecutor who worked on Watergate case against Richard Nixon said 50 years ago on Sunday, when Georgia’s election interference case is likely to be sent former President Trump to prison.

“I think that’s enough. If you ask me what of things right now that one going to send Donald Trump to prison, so it is, ”- Nick Ackerman. told MSNBC on Sunday related to January 2021 call between Trump and Georgia secretary of state.

“If I had to put money on one prosecution that will go forward this would send Donald Trump to jail, this is Georgia,” Ackerman. former prosecutor with This is stated in the message of the Watergate Special Prosecutor’s Office under the leadership of Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski. – No questions.

Fulton County in Georgia convened special grand jurors investigate Trump’s attempts to cancel 2020 election results in state. Business centers on in call between Trump and the Secretary of State of Georgia of State of Brad Raffensperger (right).

trump, who asked Raffensperger to “find” 11,780 votes undo President Biden’s victory in condition, described the phone call as “ideal”.

“My telephone call Secretary of Georgia of State, with many other people, including numerous lawyers, notoriously on the line was absolutely PERFECT and appropriate. YES, that was the PERFECT CALL,” he said. in an emailed statement late Sunday evening.

The Fulton County investigation begins as the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 uprising holds ongoing hearings this month over events resulting up to the crowd of Trump supporters storming the US Capitol.

So far, lawmakers have painted a bleak picture. of violent attack on The Capitol and the democracy they say was led by former Presidential rhetoric that the 2020 election stolen.

Last week they started showing evidence that many of the participants of Trump’s inner circle has repeatedly told him that there is no evidence that the election was massive. with fraud. They are also demonstrated his attempts to pressure then-Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election results. results, which Trump knew was illegal because his advisers told him so.

In Georgia, an investigation panel witnesses began to be heard this month, including Raffensperger. special grand the jury ultimately recommends whether the county is prosecutors should prosecute Trump for election interference.

Ackerman, whose work investigation of illegal hacking-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in 1972 confirmed the connection with Nixon’s re-election. campaign and led to former President’s resignation, also said on MSNBC Nixon case happened in a completely different political climate than Trump.

“All of Nixon’s aides were indicted and convicted. Only person who didn’t go to prison was Nixon because he was pardoned,” Ackerman said. “There was accountability in the end.”

Ackerman said:real the question” is whether Trump will be prosecuted. While Republicans initially defended Nixon, they changed of heart when recorded tapes and evidence presented a hard case.

He said because Georgia prosecutors have tape-recorded evidence of telephone call between Trump and Raffensperger they also have a very strong case.

“There are threeyear criminal offense in Georgia that Trump violated. Prosecutors love tape-recorded evidence because it cannot be cross-examined,” Ackerman explained.

“What’s important with these tapes – if you put it in context of all the evidence found by the committee on january 6 you put together – donald trump zero defense in Georgia, he added.

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