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Watch.. Clashes with heavy weapons between militias in Tripoli

Violent armed clashes erupted at dawn on Friday between the militias of Muhammad al-Bahrun, nicknamed “The Mouse”, affiliated with the city of Zawiya, and another of Muhammad Baraka, nicknamed “Al-Shalfouh” affiliated with the city of Ajilat, hours after mutual military mobilizations.

All types of medium and heavy weapons were used in these clashes, which are still continuing so far in the Al-Ajailat area, west of the capital, Tripoli, and all kinds of medium and heavy weapons were used. Activists also talked about random rockets falling on the city’s neighborhoods, and the closure of a number of roads, while the Security Directorate withdrew.


In addition, local media said, that the militia of the “Far”, who is wanted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for his involvement in supporting ISIS and committing other crimes, proceeded to burn down the house of “Al-Shalfouh” and his family as they advanced in the city of Al-Ajilat, Amid expectations of its continuation and expansion.

Since assuming their duties last March, the current authorities have been silent about the frequent clashes that erupt from time to time, between armed militias in the cities of western Libya.


The dilemma of the armed militias that control the capital, Tripoli, and are linked to tense relations, conflicting interests and contradictory affiliations, is one of the most prominent Obstacles facing the new executive who promised the Libyans peace, unity and stability.

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