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Washington: We will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon with non-diplomatic tools

Washington: We will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon with non-diplomatic tools

The US special envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, revealed today, Monday, that Washington will use other non-diplomatic tools to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, indicating his country’s adherence to the diplomatic option, but if Iran is absent, the previous nuclear agreement will not be valid for negotiation.

To this, he stressed that the United States is intensifying the diplomatic track and consulting with allies in the Gulf and the region to discuss all options. However, “this dialogue should not be at the expense of negotiating with us as a group of four + one.”

He said, “I discussed the Iranian issue in full transparency with our allies in the Gulf, adding that our goal is to convince Iran to fully comply and return to the 2015 nuclear agreement.”

The crisis with America and Europe”

The Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, had said yesterday, Sunday, that Tehran is committed to what it pledged regarding the nuclear file, but the crisis is with the United States and or

From Vienna (archive – Associated Press)

He also added, according to what was reported. Fars News Agency, “We will not link the country’s economy to nuclear negotiations, but we are committed to what we pledged, but America and the Europeans are facing a decision-making crisis.”

The United States and three European powers agreed on Friday during consultations in Paris stressed the need for Iran to return quickly to the nuclear talks, amid growing concern over delays.

Talks are on hold

The past, suspended since June, amid persistent calls for its resumption, and warnings that the delay will open the way for Washington to consider other options. , if Tehran delays returning to negotiations, warning that time is running out, and the chances of reviving the agreement signed in 2015 are dwindling. its violation of the nuclear agreement.


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