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WASHINGTON: Tehran must comply first before sanctions are lifted

Spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, announced that the delegation heading to the Middle East this week will discuss several issues, not just Iran.

And Price made it clear that there are still challenges in terms of nuclear negotiations with Tehran, stressing that Iran must comply first before lifting the sanctions, in response to Iranian statements that stipulated the lifting of sanctions completely before returning to the nuclear agreement.

He also indicated in his statements the progress and potential for the success of the Vienna negotiations.

It is mentioned that earlier on Thursday, Iran announced acceptance of the results of the Vienna talks, but on condition that the All the US sanctions, and Tehran is verifying that, according to state television.

The “strict” sanctions

In addition, a number of officials stated

However, these officials refused to comment on what it is The sanctions that will be lifted, explaining that Washington is ready to lift non-nuclear sanctions as well.

The Associated Press also quoted American officials as saying that the United States is ready to lift the sanctions that prevent Iran from achieving its expected interests in the agreement. Nuclear, including its access to the international financial system and dollar-denominated transactions.


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