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Washington calls on all parties in Syria to respect the ceasefire

The US Embassy in Syria said today, Thursday, that Washington deplores the escalation of violence and attacks in Syria, following several attacks in Syria yesterday, between Damascus, Idlib and Homs.

for the effects of the bombing that shook Damascus yesterday

The embassy added, through its account on Twitter: “We call on all parties to respect the current ceasefire, focus on an immediate de-escalation, and protect the lives of civilians before anything else.”

This comes as a drone attack on Wednesday night targeted the Al-Tanf military base located in southern Syria near the borders with Iraq and Jordan, which is used by the international coalition led by the United States, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a US official.

And the observatory said, on Wednesday: “Explosions resounded at the Al-Tanf military base of the international coalition this evening, as a result of bombing by drones on the buffet, a mosque and a food warehouse inside the base.”

Transferring victims as a result of the Syrian army’s bombing of Idlib yesterday

The observatory added that this satire M. “It is not known whether ISIS or the Iranian militias loyal to Damascus are standing behind it.” The Syrian capital has been the deadliest for years, with 14 people killed when two bombs attached to a bus carrying Syrian soldiers exploded during Wednesday morning rush hour.

Shortly after the Damascus bombings, government forces shelled a town they controlled The opposition in Idlib, killing at least ten people, including four children.


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