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Washington and Western countries accuse the Taliban of executing two former policemen

Dozens of countries pointed the finger at the Taliban, which took control of Afghanistan in mid-August, on Sunday, accusing the movement of carrying out lightning executions and enforced disappearances of former members of the police and security services. The United States and its Western allies demanded to carry out “summary executions” of former members of the Afghan security forces revealed by human rights organizations.

About 20 countries, including Britain and Japan, as well as the European Union, said in a statement issued by the Ministry of The US State Department: “We are deeply concerned about reports of summary executions and enforced disappearances of former members of the security forces, as documented by Human Rights Watch and others.” Serious violations of human rights and inconsistent with the amnesty announced by the movement previously,” calling on the new rulers of Afghanistan to ensure the implementation of the amnesty and “uphold it in all parts of the country.”

Elements of the Afghan Police (archives) )

Quick investigation

and continued the statement that sniffed It also states to countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Romania and Ukraine, that “reported cases must be investigated promptly and in a transparent manner, and those responsible held accountable, and these steps must be clearly announced in order to constitute an immediate deterrent to further killings and disappearances.”

Execution in Herat in Last October under the control of the Taliban

This position came after Human Rights Watch issued a report at the beginning of the week that documented the execution of dozens of men. The police, and reported cases of enforced disappearance of 47 members of the security forces, and other military, police and intelligence personnel “who surrendered or were captured by Taliban forces” between mid-August and October. Thousands of former employees, pilots, and soldiers left and fled, fearing reprisals by the movement, especially after the latter obtained a number of data with the names of employees, security men, and workers with American companies or coalition forces over the past years.


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