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Washington accepts a European invitation to hold talks with Iran

US State Department spokesman Ned Price announced, on Thursday evening, that Washington will accept an invitation from the European Union to attend the P5 + 1 meeting with Iran.

Washington informed the Security Council to cancel the announcement of the former president’s administration Donald Trump, by re-imposing UN sanctions on Iran.

In addition, an American official told Al-Arabiya that he does not expect all issues to be resolved in the first session of the informal meeting, and continued, “We do not know if Iran will agree to this meeting

No concessions

The official clarified that the United Nations will send invitations, and the meeting will not be at the level of foreign ministers, indicating that Washington will not make concessions to Iran Rather, it seeks to activate diplomacy.

He also made clear that the Biden administration wants to involve the Security Council in helping to solve the Iranian file, pointing out that Robert Malley will represent the US delegation.

Previously announced The State Department’s statements by a senior American official, who confirmed that the United States would accept an invitation from the European Union to hold talks with Iran, but indicated that it is difficult to envision reviving the nuclear agreement with Tehran if some issues are not addressed. Regional. According to Reuters.

A dangerous step

In addition, the American official stressed that Iran’s suspension of the additional protocol and preventing sudden inspections would be a “dangerous step.”

The official told Reuters, on condition of anonymity, following talks between the foreign ministers of the United States, Britain, France and Germany, “We are ready to participate if such a meeting takes place.”

Easing travel restrictions

While a second American official said that Washington informed the Iranian mission at the United Nations that it would ease travel restrictions on Iranian diplomats, stressing that the Biden administration did not communicate with Iranian officials other than reporting an easing Travel restrictions.

Earlier, a senior European Union official said he was ready to call a meeting between the parties to the agreement, namely Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States.

Comes This is while the White House announced, on Thursday, that Iran is far from adhering to the nuclear agreement.

This statement came at a time when Britain, France and Germany welcomed in a statement, Washington’s intention to return to the diplomatic track with Tehran, Except she is It expressed its concern over the recent Iranian nuclear violations.

Tehran bargains with the violations

Observers believe that Tehran is exploiting its violations of the agreement in order to pressure the remaining signatories – France. And Germany, Britain, Russia, and China – to provide more incentives to compensate for the US sanctions that were re-imposed after the US withdrawal from the agreement in 2018.

It is worth noting that the Iranian government must under a law that was approved in December by the Iranian Shura Council, which dominates Iran. The governors should reduce the activities of the IAEA inspectors in the event that the sanctions imposed on Iran are not lifted.

It is mentioned that Iran had abandoned some of its obligations under the nuclear agreement and returned to uranium enrichment and the operation of centrifuges, in response On the re-imposition of US sanctions on it in the wake of the withdrawal of the administration of former US President Donald Trump from the agreement signed under Barack Obama.


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