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Was killing BJP youth a ‘revenge’?

Can BJP worker Praveen Nitaro work? death be repercussions of Another clash between members of together happened on July 19? Was he targeted? in revenge for a attack on A local man named Masoud in Mangaluru Solia on that day? This is it one of Angles that are investigated by the authorities, a senior police official From Mangaluru told News18 on Wednesday.

Karnataka home minister Araga Jnanendra while talking to media also She hinted that the state police had expanded their search to the neighboring state of Kerala for attackers who Praveen killed on Tuesday night.

According to Director Dakshina Kannada of Police, Rishikesh Sunawan, three men who He allegedly attacked Praveen and was seen astride on two wheels.

“The bike bears the Kerala state registration number and the surrounding surveillance cameras camera The footage was collected to better identify the attackers.

News18 learned that a local popular front of The leader of India (PFI), Shafi Pillary, is said to have issued an open threat to retaliate against death of Masoud who Died of his wounds on July 21.

“He was very active And he was in the foreground of Program management for The party. karyakarta rss feed was dedicated and rose up grades of BJP Through Sheer hard work. He had friends in All community. On the day he was killed, he had visited that afternoon house of Muslim friend and posted About it too”, a friend of Praveen said, requesting anonymity. “After Masoud deathThere were several threats revolving around attacking Hindu leaders. we sure Praveen has been targeted for This is very reason. “

Sachin Shinui, Butor Yuva Morcha city Chief, to News18 that Praveen informed the police of a “possible the threat”.

“He told the police he knew he was being pursued. Local officers rejected him and mocked him instead of save the police protection. They said it (Praveen) wasn’t big leader for face A threat. Now we lost a file good A loving soul and person. “There are limits to our patience, too,” Shinui said.

The killing of Praveen appeared to highlight the rage simmering among local BJP youth workers who A statewide mass resignation has now begun campaign to protest against The government.

“the state government she has failed to protect lives of BJP party Neeraj Shinui said who recently joined in BJP Youth Pavilion.

“How long will we keep quiet? There were so many brutal attacks on BJP workers and now Praveen killing is another case in a point. we need Yogi style in Karnataka, not the kind we see now where even CM A worker in the youth wing of the BJP said: who It was just I sent in Resignation letter to Mangaluru Yuva Morcha head.

Rakesh Rai, another person senior office for the bearer of BJP in Speak Solly of how Paraffin turned around out To be an “innocent target” when the police received credible intelligence that a group of men from kerala who could attack BJP workers in The region.

“The police did nothing and the state government Wakes up up Only when the blood of Our Karyakarta flows? Ray said.

While Hindutva groups decided to take out procession of The body From Puttur to Bellare on Wednesday morning, the weather quickly turned violent one with Emotions are very high. The crowd turned out of control and even tried to overthrow car BJP Karnataka President Nalin Kumar Katil holds a minister In Sunil Kumar.

people gathered in Participate in large numbers in Funeral procession, style one taken out for Bajrang Dal was killed by a farm worker in Shivamogga a few months ago.

“The anger you expressed people has not been against BJP President O minister but it was way of Show how We feel helpless every time we are attacked like said Santosh Rai, a BJP worker from Bellary.

“Barbarian killing of our party Activist Praveen Ntaro from Dakshina Kannada district is convicted. the perpetrators of Such a heinous act will be arrested soon And the punished according to the law. May you comfort Praveen’s soul in Hello. God bless him family with The strength to withstand this pain. Karnataka Chief Om Shanti said: minister Basavaraj Bommai.

This is not an isolated incident, but a part of it of CT Ravi, BJP, said “a larger plot involving jihadist elements” national general secretary to News18. We will thoroughly investigate this with The help of Central investigation agencies and root out These elements are from the state.”

was paraffin in FB post on June 29 wrote about Kanhae Lal “Poor Tailor” who He was beheaded by two cleavers men in Rajasthan recently. he is also He wrote about the killers’ threats to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was interrogated role of Congress, which is in power in Rajasthan.

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