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War in Ukraine: Britons split in two out ‘thousands of pounds to help refugees enter the UK | UK News

“I’m a patriot”, says Tony Kern. “I just thought this was my opportunity step up and help people in injury”.

“I’m too old to fight” adds 59-year-old. “So I want make next best thing and help women and children who are in danger and their husbands fight.”

Tony and his girlfriend jumped at the opportunity help Ukrainian refugees, signing up to government sponsorship program for family as soon as they could.

They were matched with Katerina Omnurfrik and her mother Natalya Omnurfrik, together with three young children.

But the beds Tony made weeks ago are still empty while he waits. for Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide Omnufryk family their visas.

Tony applied for the visa himself for omnfreaks, but 40 days later only four out of five visas have been granted, which means family Was left stuck in Poland.

“Four visas were approved, but the fifth was not, which of Of course, a trap for them, because they can only travel as full family,” is he says.

Meanwhile the Omnphrics run out of cash while waiting for ministry of the interior issue in final visa.

Tony spent more than £2,500 to provide them with housing and basic necessities such as food and diapers.

Tony says Katerina “never, never asked for money”, but without financial support only them option it’s “to go back to Ukraine”.

He says he is happy to fork out out in money if it means sponsored family to the UK safely – but he can’t forgive government for delays.

Natalia Omnurfrik with two of her young grand children in Poland

“Slowness and bureaucracy and speed irregularities and lack of communication. i stepped up but now i feel sewn up through government” says Tony.

These sentiments are shared by Derek Atkins. who sponsors Zoryana Fesik and her three children aged 11, 13 and 17, and who applied for sponsorship on March 29.

“When we started this journey, I was very happy support This family” says Derek. “But to be honest, I didn’t think it would happen. cost £2,500.”

Derek says through help from family and friends, he got his house ready for his new guests more than a month ago.

“But instead of This family Existence in this, we should have spend £2500 on hotels and hostels in Warsaw.

He says he spent weeks emailing and calling “every helpline he could think of”. of”, but says whole system was an “absolute disgrace”.

“I feel so strongly that this government was a complete disgrace with this whole thing. and i say for hundreds of people” says Derek.

Katerina Omnurfrik and her mother Natalya Omnurfrik, together with three young children.
Tony Kern spent over £2,500 to support the Omnufriks with accommodation and essentials

Enver Solomon, CEO of Refugee Council, says in current visa scheme “does not fit for goal”.

“I think it’s terrible that the British public I had to put my hands on in their own pocket to pay for people because they couldn’t get to the UK quickly.”

He says he thinks government relied heavily on benevolence of the British public are ready to open their hearts and homes” for Ukrainians are fleeing the war.

But says in government It has failed provide easy, safe and fast routes for Ukrainians get to the UK.

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A Home Office spokesman told Sky News: “British public stepped up with great generosity welcome thousands of Ukrainians in their homes and sponsoring households will receive £350 per month as a thank you payment. for hosting. There is no expectation that people should to pay for hotel rooms to accommodate Ukrainians.

“Already more The Ministry of the Interior has issued more than 95,000 visas, with over 37,000 Ukrainians arrived safely in UK, and thanks to changes made to simplify maintenance, we are now processing thousands of of visas per day.

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