Wallingford’murder victim named by local friends

WOMAN who was found dead in Wallingford has been identified locally at Katy Hurmuz-Irimia.

Ms. Khurmuz-Irimia, who was in she is over forty, it was sadly pronounced dead in Blue Mountains, Wallingford, Thames Valley Police, 2am tonight (August 30).

Tribute swept in for Mrs. Hurmuz-Irimia, formerly known as Cathy Chalk, online.

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one friend posted: “Rest in peace, Cathy Hurmuz-Irimia. With much love for you family and friends.”

Other post read: “Sleep well Katie Hurmuz-Irmia. Fly high with stars, you will be greatly missed.

Close friend of Mrs. Hurmuz-Irmia, Anna McCall, said she was still “in shock, hearing news.

In an Oxford Mail interview, she said: “I and many others people in Wallingford is very shocked to learn that this happened to her the way she is. one of those people who so cute and she won’t do anything to anyone.

“She’s been through a lot. in in last a few years and it’s terrible to hear that this is the end for her.

“I knew her for more than 10 years. She is very close to Wallingford and much of people know her.

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“It just one of those things in which she has always been so kind and considerate, and she will speak with anyone “I’m still a little in shock.”

Neighbor, who lived in Blue Mountains for 13 years old, said she knew Mrs Hurmuz-Irimia. for “for a long time” was in “unbelief” in news.

Speaking anonymously to the Oxford Mail, she said: “She was always so friendly. A lot of of people we will miss her.

“It’s shocking that this happened – she just such a good person.”

It is believed that Ms. Khurmuz-Irimia used to work to Londis store in Sinodun Road. Oxford Post asked store for a comment but they were incapable at this time.

representative for Thames Valley Police said they could not comment farther on the identity of the victim until they are formally identified.

They said, “It might take a while, but please keep an eye on on our website for any updates.”

At the same time, 28-year- old man from Wallingford arrested on suspicion of murder as well as remains in in police custody.

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Neighbors across the block of apartments where Mrs. Khurmuz-Irimia lived. found said they were “completely devastated that something like this happened”.

“It’s shocking that this happened in Wallingford, they said. “His just so sad.”

Mayor Marcus Harris added that his thoughts with in family and friends of Mrs Hurmuz-Irimia.

This story was written by Gee Harland. She is joined in team in 2022 how senior multimedia correspondent.

Gee covers Wallingford, Wantage and Didcot.

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