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Voters choose Tory Sunak over Repair work economy, new survey shows | conservatives

Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives reversed Labor’s decision. lead in terms of who voters have the most confidence in the management of the economy new interview for in Observer revealed.

new prime minister is currently Drawing up tax increases and spending cuts designed to fill the £40bn fiscal hole left to the disastrous time of Liz Truss in downing street, with warnings that any serious attempt to cut Whitehall’s budgets lead to great pressure on public Services. It’s coming with new analysis showed that freezing public maintenance costs would save £20bn but also lead back to austerity of 2010s.

Nonetheless latest Opinion poll for in Observer shows that sunak arrival in Downing Street has already helped restore conservatives reputation for financial control. While Labor still leads the Tories on most issues, 33% said they would prefer a “conservative government led by Rishi Sunak” to manage economy, with 29% chose “labor government led by Keir Starmer.”

When asked in previous poll last week, 39% chose Labor. government led by Keir Starmer, with only 11% chose “conservative government led by Liz Truss. There is also evidence that Conservative voters are returning to party in start of Sunak’s tenure. Last week only 41% of Conservative voters chose a conservative government led by Truss as they prefer for control economy. latest interview shows what 88% now choose government led by Sunak.

Keir Starmer said the Labor poll results were “pleasant”. story’. Photograph: Kirsty O’Connor/PA.

Tories generally bounced in the polls but still lagged behind Labor in some distance. Labor has 44% share of in vote, down six points because the last a week. Tori on 28% up five points because the last a week. However Sunak starts life in No. 10 with a net positive approval rating. About 31% approve of the work he does with 23% disapprove – overall score +8.

It comes just days after Starmer warned the Shadow Cabinet that their huge poll lead was a “nice thing to do”. story” but would close with Farm removed. His team drawing now up plans to ensure that the Tories remain responsible for economic upheavals that led to in higher mortgage and horror public finance.

Starmer told the Shadow Cabinet that Sunak was most likely enjoy “double rebound: regular new Afternoon bounce – plus one Liz Truss managed to screw it up.” He added: “That’s why we kept saying: no complacency, no caution, up”.

Sunak is now spending the most of his time is concentrated on November 17th autumn statement with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. They will most likely have to series of raising taxes along with spending cuts to calm the markets and build economic confidence. However, there also anxiety in Whitehall that Hunt plans going too far in cutting back spending, risking a deeper recession.

A new analysis of the Resolution Foundation will warn this week that real-terms to freeze in day to day public maintenance costs will save £20bn a year. year by 2026-27 However, this would cut unprotected departmental budgets by about 9% and take a long time. public Services back into the depths of austerity tested in 2010s. Foundation warns UK takeover back to the peak of austerity measures are hardly credible given current pressure on a lot of public services, making further tax increases likely.

“Significant reduction in day to day public maintenance costs on in cards while protecting areas such as healthcare and defense,” said James Smith, his research director. “It will repeat key option elected by Conservative-led governments since 2010. Freezing such expenses in real terms save £20bn a year year but I mean another 9% budget cut to public services such as transport, police and housing, and bring the UK into new era of severity.

“Given the political implications of such move, new Prime Minister and Chancellor may choose to raise taxes instead fill in long away more of in current financial hole than their conservative predecessors in Downing Street did.”

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