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Vodafone's new innovation is a powerful aid to victims of relationship violence

The latest development of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation, the Bright Sky HU mobile app for victims of relationship violence, is now available in the largest app stores. The application can not only provide effective help to those living in an abusive relationship, but also provide useful information about the help to their immediate environment. In addition to educational content to help identify and exit relationship violence, the app also provides direct contact information for national and regional help organizations. The Bright Sky HU mobile app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Currently there is a digital solution that informs and supports those involved in relationship violence and their environment. In addition, the coronavirus epidemic makes it more difficult for victims to contact support organizations than before, and there is an even greater need for new developments.

Vodafone has been supporting socially useful innovations for years, and the introduction of the Bright Sky HU application could be a technological milestone in helping those living in abusive relationships. The aim of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation is to provide comprehensive information to as many stakeholders as possible and those living in their surroundings, as well as accessible, fast support with the help of the technology. According to Emőke Flakstad, Secretary General of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation, in consultation with professional organizations, it became clear that there is a need for a technological solution that effectively supports education on relationship violence and collects possible forms of help in the digital space:

“Although relationship violence is a global problem, we still know very little about it. This realization, and what led to the creation of the Bright Sky application, is that we ordinary people can help With the application, we give victims and their immediate environment a technological tool that provides easily accessible and useful information about relationship violence and the types of help they ask for. we can support those in need and those who want to help them. “

Bright Sky ap The application is an international development of the international Vodafone Foundation, and is currently available in Hungary in 9 Vodafone countries, with content localized by country. The application can be used on any smartphone, which was an important consideration for the organization during the development.

The Vodafone Hungary Foundation has created the Bright Sky HU application with the active participation of the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organization, which can shorten the path from recognizing abuse to actually asking for help. According to Balázs Rácsok, the social director of the organization, it is important for the young generation active in the online space to have platforms where they can turn for help:

“The issue of domestic violence social sites such as our official Facebook and Instagram page, “Love doesn’t hurt”, although you can find all the information and contact information where It is important that, in addition to social media, there is an interface that is directly accessible to those affected, but its use is not so easily communicated to the outside world.In our work with the Vodafone Foundation, Bright Sky application is therefore another digital milestone to effectively support victims of relationship violence. “

Vodafone’s new innovation helps victims and their environment learn about relationship violence with a number of features. Under the “Online Safety Guide” menu item, victims will also find helpful information on how to protect their digital intimacy, email, and social media accounts from the abuser. The app also allows users to analyze their own situation and find out if their relationship is really abusive, or read case studies on sexual consent and harassment, among other things by answering a short 12-question quick test. With the Bright Sky application, in the event of an emergency, those involved and their environment can request immediate help from professional organizations and authorities.

Ildikó Barabás Lieutenant Colonel, an employee of the ORFK, said that in addition to the already known channels that had been operating for a long time, the abused could also report to the police through the new application if they felt in danger: ) “Domestic violence is a criminal offense, so we encourage those involved to contact the police as soon as possible. right You can also contact us through the Sky application. At the police, we take reports of abuse and harassment very seriously and work closely with experts in the field. We believe that the Vodafone Foundation’s Bright Sky application will be another useful emergency call channel for those in need. “

Stakeholders in the application are national helplines and including Victim Support Centers, which currently provide financial, psychological or legal support to victims of domestic violence in 6 major cities nationwide:

“by the Ministry of Justice Reserved Victim Support Centers provide personalized care to victims, especially special victim groups such as victims of domestic violence, and provide information, including regular, free psychological assistance to manage the crisis, rebalance and move forward. Complementing the victim support system, the Centers pay particular attention to emotional support in order to improve the lives of victims. The universal goal is to improve the opportunities of the victims, to give them fuller rights, to meet the needs of the victims who turn to the Centers with supportive attention, in a personalized assistance process, including the possibility of free psychological assistance, “said Dr. Orsolya Szeiler Deputy Secretary of State for Public Services

The Bright Sky HU application is now available from major app stores and can be downloaded free of charge for both Android and iOS devices. )

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