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Vladimir Putin may have used body double in Iran: Ukraine official

Someone might have been Putin on Act.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin may have been replaced by a double body double during a trip to Iran this week, a high-ranking Ukrainian intelligence officer official said.

President of Russia, who there have been rumors for a long time that he is ill with disease and possibly cancer more vigilance and mobile than usual during his visit to Iran for a meeting with This was reported to The Sun by Ukrainian sources.

Major General Kirill O. Budanov told Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 that Putin’s animated appearance during the visit was uncharacteristic and suggested that the man seen in The footage was not Putin.

“I’m just hinting,” Budanov said according to the translation.

“Please take a look at the moment of Putin’s exit from the plane. Is this actually Putin?

Ukrainian Major General Budanov called Putin’s lively appearance uncharacteristic.
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It is reported that the visit was aimed at supplying the Russian army. with more    weapon.
Putin’s visit to Iran was his first international journey of the Ukrainian war start.
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Putin’s visit to Iran was his first international trip with start of in invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24

US intelligence indicated that the discussion was over deal for Iran to sell ‘several hundred’ drones to Russia, including combat-ready ones of weapon strikes – for use in war against Ukraine.

In May, the anti-Putin Telegram channel “General SVR” allegedly run on former lieutenant of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service – claimed that body duplicates were made on ready to replace Putin if necessary, as he underwent surgery.

Mysterious Telegram account also claimed that pre-recorded footage would be released of Putin attends meetings and signs laws to make it look like it still works.

Putin said two years ago that he was offered the opportunity to hire body double in early 2000s carry out his duties for for security purposes, but ultimately decided against It.

CIA on Thursday director William Burns observed that Putin looked “too healthy”, contradicting previous US intelligence that claimed the Russian leader’s health was poor. in decline and he was battling cancer.

Approximately 15,000 Russians soldiers were killed in conflict so far, according to latest CIA estimates.


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