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VIP escort for Queen’s funeral revealed – POLITICO

LONDON – Foreign chapters of the state and their spouses head to London for state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II was asked arrive in United Kingdom on commercial flights and a ban on using helicopters for movement.

World leaders have also they said they can’t use their state cars to attend funerals at Westminster Abbey on September 19 – and will be instead be on the bus in en masse from the website in west London.

“Can you imagine Joe Biden on bus?” one foreign ambassador at the base in London complained via Whatsapp message early Sunday.

Official documents received by POLITICO also confirm that only heads of the state and their spouses or partners from each country were invited to the funeral, which form up to be one of most significant international events hosted Great Britain in recent times.

Westminster Abbey will be crowded for in event that it will be impossible for more than a single senior country representative and their others half be present, laments the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Department (FCDO). in in official protocol message regarding event.

In a document sent overseas embassies late on Saturday evening, the department said it “regrets this because of limited space there are no other participants at the state memorial service and related events of chief guest family staff or escorts may be admitted.”

heads of the state that is unable to attend may choose someone else as their official representative, for example head of government or senior minister.

According to the same document, King Charles III will host a reception for all overseas leaders at Buckingham Palace on on the eve of the memorial service.

Visiting leaders of the state will be able to attend the falsein-state of Queens of the body sign a book of condolences at Lancaster House immediately afterwards. While at Lancaster House, foreign leaders will be able to speak with tribute late queen up up to three minutes to be recorded for in media.

In a day of funeral, heads of the state and their partners will arrive at Westminster Abbey in accompanied coaches from location in West London where ’cause of tight security and road restrictions” they will required leave your cars.

“Numerous and comprehensive layers of security will in place all over London and in general official used places for state funerals and related events second FCDO document detailing logistics arrangements for those who travel from overseas states.

According with in rules of in the government’s period of mourning, and “because of an extensive ceremonial program related to state funerals and logistical challengesRequests for bilateral are not considered on this time,” the FCDO warned. in the note.

After the memorial service, foreign leaders will be escorted on walk to Deans Yard, still on site of abbey, attend a reception hosted Foreign Secretary James Cleverley, after which they will return coach to west London to pick up their cars.

Not private planes please

“Where possible”, advised the FCDO to foreign leaders should arrive in United Kingdom on commercial flights, warning that London Heathrow Airport will not available for private organization of flights or aircraft parking. Those leaders who insist on traveling across private reactive plane should head for “less busy airports” around London, FCDO added.

use of helicopter transfers between airports and venues was prohibited “due to the number of of flying operating at present,” the ministry said in a statement.

As well as in a message all too familiar to weary passengers using UK airports this year also warned that “unforeseen events commercial and private flights to deviate from the intended airport of arrival”.

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