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Violent heat wave led for US West Raises Health Concerns | climate crisis in american west

Violent, potentially record- intense heat sets in over US West, latest in line of extreme temperature events it puts communities on high availability for heat- comorbidities and death.

National Weather Service Expects Highs of 115F (46S) in parts of southern California, Sacramento and the San Joaquin Valley over Weekend on Labor Day.

Extreme heat the warnings were triggered up as well as down state, including in Bay area. The temperature is expected build in a week, with anchorage of northern and southern California for in highest temperatures during the long weekend.

Parts of Pacific north-west, Nevada, Idaho and Montana will also face dangerous temperatures. Boise, Idaho is expected to finish August with average temperature of 80F- highest because the record management started in 1875. The temperature is expected to be 8-12 degrees above normal. in north-western Arizona, southeastern California and southern Nevada.

In many of in these areas, temperatures are expected to drop only slightly during the night, increasing risk for heat stroke and death, especially for vulnerable populations who flaw air conditioning.

heat wave just in latest of several to hit USA this summer. As you grow more frequent and intense, California discussed their names and rankings—similar to hurricanes—to emphasize their significance. Extreme heat kills more people in USA than any other weather eventNational Weather Service reports. In the interior of northern California, the service warned that “all population I sat risk” of deadly heat.

High temperatures also is expected to accelerate the formation of ground-level ozone or smog, which exacerbates respiratory illnesses. In southern California, officials have issued ozone advisories due to extreme heat. people stay indoors and avoid exercise stress.

Officials also warn that high temperatures can further prime parched, arid west for Forest fires. Parts of in the west is already saw an explosive spring and summer, with major fires in southwest and Alaska.

On Sunday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced the state of emergency due to an “imminent” threat of forest fire. “It is imperative that we act now to prevent further losses. of life, propertybusiness, and our natural resources,” she said.

In California, where there has been a relatively quiet fire season compared with In recent years, officials have reported that heat not only additionally dries and prime landscape for explosive firebut also increase risk of ignition. “With a warm and dry trend this week and over weekend, we will see very dangerous heat risk and increased fire weather anxiety over portions of hinterland of northern California,” the National Weather Service said. in Sacramento.

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