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Video: uncoordinated biker ride results in accident

Motorcyclist is unable to react to sudden braking and crashes into the bike in front of him

A group of bikers was on a ride that, at the start of the traffic lights when the images start, looked like to be done in an orderly way, but a change of speed at the front of the squad uncoordinated the pace and one of the motorcyclists did not avoid an accident that left him on the ground.

The group starts at the traffic light, turning left onto a street with a clear path to gain speed, but when the engines were already accelerating, one of the bikers in front of the group – who according to the description in the video was riding a Honda CB500F – stops the acceleration – on a par with his fellow position-mates – culminating in a braking that leaves him in a very reduced pace.

The biker following behind him – in a Kawasaki H2 – was unable to react in time to the change brusque pace and ended up ramming the Honda motorcyclist from behind. The Kawasaki driver ended up sprawling on the ground – while the bike was tumbling across the asphalt – with a broken collarbone as a result of this lack of coordination.

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