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Video: Poorly measured crossing causes accident and catches pedestrian

Accident happened in the Russian city of Kaluga

A change of direction without signaling to control it and depending on the driver’s attention is a dangerous situation and a An example of what can happen when it goes wrong was seen on March 28 at an intersection in the city of Kaluga, Russia, with an accident that reached the sidewalk.

The vehicle who was trying to turn left at the intersection appears to be safely waiting for his opportunity to cross the lane, but after passing two cars coming in the rightmost lane in the opposite direction to him, he did not see the next car coming from the lane. left-most lane in the opposite direction after passing a bus.


Neither of the two vehicles was then able to do anything when they crossed and the collision happened with the car coming from the left in the images being thrown onto the sidewalk, mowing a sign of a treadmill and shooting o to the ground a woman who was there.

The description of the video on the YouTube channel of the TV «Ruptly» adds that the local traffic authorities reported that the woman hit by the car she only suffered minor injuries and it is possible to see her still standing up on her own foot.


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