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Video: Passing the 'red' is worse for the bike than for the pick-up truck

Not even the waiting time provided by the traffic lights was enough to avoid the accident

Passing a red light should never be done and this is valid for those who insist on following when the ‘red’ has already ‘fallen’ for those who take risks when the light that forces them to stop has not yet given way to green to continue on.

And it was with the joining of these two conditions that there was an accident between a pick-up truck and a bicycle in Sidney, Australia: combining the motorist’s lack of time with the cyclist’s impatience.


The images show the cyclist advancing along the crossing perpendicular to the traffic when the red traffic light is still on to forbid advances, like pedestrians, on the sidewalk, they do so. The cyclist will, however, advancing to the limit of the traffic on his left.

When motor vehicles stop at the traffic light, indicating that they have ‘fallen’ for them. red signal, the cyclist advances to complete the crossing that is missing when his journey is also still impeded by the respective ‘red’.

A pick-up that no longer respects the stop of the motor vehicles at his side appears in this last described moment, hitting the bicycle a fraction of a second before the green ‘falls’ for the cyclist. And what can be seen is that not even the waiting time that will exist between the various traffic lights was enough to prevent the joining of two behaviors to avoid culminating in the same shock.


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