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Video: Newly laid out kicks off the bomb too soon and throws two to the ground

Incident at a service station happened in China

Driving involves a series of procedures and behaviors that it is necessary to have in order for it to run smoothly, even before it actually starts. – such as checking the pressure of the tires, or the level of the fuel tank, for example.

And these procedures also do not need to be careful when they are carried out, as the good performance of the parts will provide the good realization of the whole.


This example shows how a failure on one of these steps had destructive consequences for who and what got caught in the path of lack of attention to what was being done, according to information from the video, by a driver with a recent driving license.

A driver who was filling her car with fuel pulled out of the service station when the pump hose was still attached to the your vehicle and the result does not f hi good.

The service station employee tried to warn the conductor, but her fruitless effort only had as a counterpart being caught in the middle with the hose stretching and as if the trip him up causing him a brave tumble on the floor, where the bomb pulled off by the force of the stretching also ended up.


The video information also adds that, in addition to the falls of the employee and the bomb, there is no , there were no more injuries or damages recorded.


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