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Video, Karnataka flood rescue, windshield crash in time, 2 pull out of the car

Locals save two people in The car in Chikamagaluru District.


The locals broke the windshield and pulled over out two people just in time as a car Washed away after the breach in Lake Ayyanakere in Chikamagaluru District of Karnataka today.

Big Lake in area and second Larger in Karnataka swept its banks after continuous rain in Baba Boudan mountain range of hills. Roads were flooded when some residents noticed their hatchbacks drifting away. with two people trapped inside. The car Door jams due to water pressure where it was stuck on coming down with Hood just above water level.

One of the local men – Holding a rope attached to a bulldozer – smashing the windshield with what looked like metal tool to get it out. The video went viral. No further details were immediately revealed available.

It continued to rain in several areas of State amid expectations for moreespecially in interior of Country, beside isolated rain over coastal areas.

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