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Video: Hamilton slashes at Verstappen before race

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are preparing another stage of the duel for the Formula 1 world title at the Russian GP this weekend and before the bets that each will make on track, the competition between the two continues with exchanges of words for ‘good connoisseur’.

The dispute between the championship leader and the world champion in title reached a dramatic point in the past the Italian GP with the accident that left them both out of the competition and the Dutch Red Bull with a penalty on the grid reserved for this Sunday’s race.


The training this Friday

showed, however, that Mercedes are a little ahead in competitiveness and Red Bull even decided to change the engine of Verstappen’s car with the respective penalty that leaves it in the end of the grid.

But it is not because, in theory, they are far away when they set off for the race in Sochi that the temperat One goes down between the two drivers and Hamilton has not failed to leave messages that will have his direct opponent as a target, starting with the animal he would like to have: “It would be a T-Rex. If someone messes with me, I’ll make him eat them all.”


And the messages about what to expect for what is missing from the championship continued:

“I remember how it was when I fought for my first world championship and now I’m fighting, and I’ll stop there for the tenth. I am aware of the pressure that comes from there and the experiences we go through. I can understand that. The important thing is that we continue to run hard, but fair.”

In this championship of words where the report of «TVI» does not forget to stress the irony that Verstappen had towards the nervousness he may feel, the Red Bull driver once again disagreed with the penalty for the accident in Monza, but also did not want to give too much importance to the matter: “I was a little surprised, but at the end of the day it’s up to them to decide, I don’t need to agree. Of course it’s not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world.”


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