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Video: Escape from the Police ends with a bang on innocents

Incident happened in the Czech Republic involving a stolen vehicle

This video shared by the Czech Republic Police shows a high-speed chase through the medium of transit in both directions that ends badly for the fugitive, but who did not leave innocents circulating on the carriageway without consequences.

The information provided by the authorities shows that the fugitive was under the influence of drugs and was driving a stolen vehicle.


The episode that we see begins with what seems to be a calmer attempt to approach by the policemen who are in the car that is filming the occurrence, having the suspect as a response to the escape.

Then begins a chase with ‘brake checks’, crashes and incursions along shortcuts with the fugitive entering at high speed in a two-way carriageway passing through the middle of the two single lanes, putting those who circulated in danger.

This danger ended up materializing a little further ahead of the escape with a shock of extreme violence that had nothing to do with the episode – as can be seen from the reaction of the innocents when they get out of their car showing the same images as, for what reason. you see, there were no people injured.


This is also how the authorities are seen to detain the fugitive.

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