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Video chase: Tesla driver stops kidnapping with full commitment

Tesla Model 3 meets Toyota. (Screenshot: Youtube)

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In broad daylight there were dramatic scenes in the streets of Taiwan . The focus was suddenly on a previously completely uninvolved Tesla driver who became a hero.

There was a minor traffic accident in the Linkou district of Taiwan last Friday. A black Tesla and a white Toyota Yaris were involved. So far, so common, had the four Toyota occupants not been extremely aggressive. After the cars touched each other, the four men got out and, according to local media reports, beat up the driver of the black Tesla.

What followed then had something of “The Fast and the Furious”. Only Vin Diesel was missing from this scene. After the beating, the men put their opponent in the Toyota. A real kidnapping on the street was looming. But the kidnappers didn’t get very far, because a friend of the victim had seen the incident and got into his white Tesla to pursue them. Again and again he rammed the Toyota with his Model 3 and blocked the road. When it was no longer possible to move forward, the driver of the escape vehicle put the vehicle into reverse again to escape, but here too the brave rescuer reacted quickly and rammed the kidnappers one last time before both cars came to a standstill.

Heroes don’t always wear capes

Shortly afterwards also met those of passers-by alerted the police and was able to arrest the Toyota driver. The three other inmates had already fled on foot. However, they could have saved themselves running away. Since the car was only rented, the police were able to determine the identities of the passengers relatively quickly.

The four perpetrators are now threatened sometimes severe penalties. Above all, they have to face the charge of deprivation of liberty and kidnapping. The white Model 3, which was controlled in the best GTA manner, suffered a total write-off, but was able to prevent a kidnapping in the end. The driver is happy to accept the damage for the spectacular rescue of his friend.

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