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Video: Aston Martin F1 team shows how the wind tunnel works

Fundamental process in the aerodynamics work of an F1 team

Work in the wind tunnel is essential in the automotive world and Formula 1 is no exception. Aston Martin shows how car design goes through this phase in a decisive way with a video explaining «The role of the wind tunnel in Formula 1».

Aston Martin’s F1 team for the work with the wind tunnel have the purpose of measuring the aerodynamic performance of the car and are thus able to do a series of full-size tests.


The limits of the FIA ​​being increasingly strict on what can be developed in the wind tunnel, the efficiency of the procedures becomes crucial, namely, in the speed of data collection

One of the techniques used is image velocimetry of particles (PIV in the English acronym), which consists in the release of particles in the wind tunnel to follow the aerodynamics of the car, being those then illuminated by laser and cameras and photographed between short intervals.

The detailed and intensive analysis will be carried out specific areas of the car in order to compile the data for an overview of the car’s general aerodynamics.


The data is then analyzed on a computer with algorithms to get comprehensive views of airflows. And the speed of the processes is again fundamental.

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