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Video: Accelerating too much on a paid unicycle goes awry

Youtuber modified the vehicle that could not withstand the oscillation caused by speed

Riding on a unicycle requires specific care regarding the prevention of anything going wrong and that, in particular , may end up with an accident, because if something ‘goes wrong’, it is already known that ‘the body pays’.

And with the ‘youtuber’ Kamikaze Joe things really went awry with an ostentatious misstep, him on the ground and the unicycle undone.


By sharing the video of the accident, Kamikaze Joe explains that he modified his GotWay Monster and that the oscillation suffered caused the vehicle to “give the last” on this trip at high speed for a unicycle.

The «Carscoops» mentions that the ‘youtuber’ estimated that it went over 60 km/h when the unicycle fell apart in the middle of the tunnel on the 1st Avenue of New York, USA, with the accident being filmed by one of the traveling companions.

Apart from the destruction of the unicycle, the violent fall ended with only a few bruises in the left hip region as a result of the adequate equipment that Kamikaze Joe used to ride a unicycle, even if paid off.

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