‘Very hard’ for Walker to win Georgia Senate race with Kemp on Bulletin

  • Trump says Hershel Walker will be weighed down Kemp on voting in Georgia in 2022.
  • As Walker runs for the Senate seat this fall, Trump already lining up behind David Perdue over Kemp.
  • Trump remains outraged that Kemp didn’t help in his attempts to overturn Biden’s victory in Georgia.

Former President Donald Trump continues to argue that Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker will be hurt by the presence of Gov. Brian Kemp. on vote if the state’s executive branch seizes the GOP nomination later this month, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At the telemeeting held on on behalf of of former Senator David Perdue earlier this week Trump insisted Kemp would be a drag on Republicans in their efforts to restore Republican Party dominance in state in which Democrats have made significant gains in 2020.

“One of in problems also that if Brian Kemp gets in, I think it will be very, very hard for Herschel Walker win” former the president said. ‘Cause I don’t believe the Republicans will go out and vote for Brian Kemp. And if they don’t vote for Brian Kemp, they can’t vote for Herschel Walker.

May 24 Kemp compete in GOP gubernatorial primary against Purdue – who lost his bid for re-election to current Democratic Senator John Ossoff in second round of Senate elections in 2021 and approved of Trump was late last year – while Walker is expected walk to an easy nomination as a partynominee for face incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock.

Nevertheless, Trump considers Walker – former university of Georgia football standout and NFL star – will be weighed down some mass murmurs about Kemp’s refusal to cancel the presidential election results in The peach state that has seen current President Joe Biden bear a longstanding conservative bastion against Trump.

Secretary of Georgia of State Brad Raffensperger has rejected Trump’s repeated requests to ‘find’ more votes invalidate win. And former President still believes Kemp failed to exercise due diligence in election integrity in state, despite the lack of evidence of widespread fraud after several vote considers.

Purdue – who is an currently tracking kemp in the largest poll, despite supporting Trump, reiterated Trump’s beliefs about the two races during a telemeeting.

“If we want that the Senate race we must win this governor race” former the senator said, pointing out meaning of Georgia contests as Republicans seek to regain the Senate majority they lost last year Bye also protection off a challenge from likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who almost lost to Kemp in 2018.

During the event, Trump criticized Kemp as a “truly terrible RINO” or Republican. in name only, usually a derogatory word for members of in party who do not count true conservatives. former the president also argued that Kemp would not contribute to a high GOP turnout, problem which turned out to be devastating for Republicans during the 2021 Senate runoff contested by Perdue and then a senator. Kelly Leffler lost her seats to the Democrats due to lack of enthusiasm developed in weeks leading up before the January elections.


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