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Vertex official Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged to resign over Kabul withdrawal | civil service

senior civil servant in charge of Ministry of Foreign Affairs should consider his position after the presidency over catastrophic troop withdrawal from Afghanistan that betrayed UK allies, claimed lives in danger showed total absence of planning and managed chaotically, deputies concluded. in dam report.

Reporting from a foreign affairs The selection committee declared no of leadership – both ministerial and official, including permanent secretarySir Philip Barton – the fall of Kabul was an unforgivable and grave accusation on those supposedly in charge. This is added that barton failed to give frank evidence to the committee, and says as result he lost confidence in his. The committee also accused him of coating up political interference in in fast-tracking of some faces out of Afghanistan.

The committee stated that while the junior officials of the Foreign Office (FCDO) showed courage and honesty, chaotic and arbitrary decision-does noted planning and execution of evacuation. “Unfortunately, perhaps cost many people in chance leave Afghanistan, laying down their lives in danger”, the message says.

This is also found that senior officials deliberately evaded and often deliberately misled parliament, noting: “Honesty of public service depends on those leading these organizations showing the courage to report truth the British people”.

Report, one of the most damning, to be published by a special committee of the Conservative Party. government, also extends criticism to the then foreign secretary, Dominic Raab. “Perhaps it would be convenient to blame FCDO officials or military intelligence for these failures, but the ministers should rode this policy”, – he said.

” fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs senior the leaders were on holiday when Kabul fell marks a fundamental flaw of seriousness, grip or leadership at the same time of national extreme necessity. In several key stages in there was no evacuation clear line of leadership in political leadership of in government as decisions we made on the basis of elusive and inexplicable political interference.”

Report found was “total absence of plan for evacuation of Afghans who supported the UK mission without being directly hired by the UK government despite knowing 18 months before the collapse of Afghanistan that evacuation may be required.” This is added: “Hasty attempts to choose suitable for the evacuation was poorly thought out, organized and staffed; and department failed to perform majority basic anti-crisis functions.

“Absence of clarity led to confusion and false hope among our Afghan partners who were in despair for save. They, as well as many civil servants and soldiers working hard on evacuations were fully allowed down deep failures of leadership in government”.

All-party The committee, chaired by Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, said that the responses given senior officials were on best deliberately evasive, and often deliberately misleading. It said: “These who lead the Department should ashamed that civil servants of great honesty felt obligated risk bring your career to light terrible mismanagement of crisis and misleading statements about parliament what followed.”

Two Whistleblowers who have worked in FCDO resigned from their posts give harsh written evidence of conversion of evacuation.

Report also found there was biased optimism at the Foreign Office that the Biden administration would change the planned date for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and that when this turned out to be wrong, the UK found a flaw of influence, failing to force Washington to change its plans.

Raab did next have nothing to do with regional partners until autumn of Kabul, the report said. AT sign of chaos is found: “Staff in a hurry failed remove confidential documents identifying Afghan job candidates, leaving them in the hands of the Taliban. interior review of incident concluded that the FCDO cannot be sure that all other physical and electronic documents containing personal data was removed”.

The report says the Foreign Office acted too late, mostly after the fall of Kabul in August, in trying to come up with special category of people for evacuation, such as journalists, judges and others who helped the British government but was not directly busy.

The committee found what how result, government “failed give the bare minimum we owe them: a well thought out plan for who will take precedence for mining and clear communication with those who are looking for help. Absence of clarity led to confusion and false hope by preventing individuals from doing best decision for founded themselves on realistic understanding of their position.”

Selection out Barton, committee found: ” fact that the department’s top civil servant did not return until after the civilian had been evacuated. “While staff across the department struggled to implement a poorly planned evacuation process under intense pressure, it’s hard to understand and impossible to justify.”

Barton has already apologized for what he thinks errorbut he has so far refused to resign. The report criticizes the department for unable “perform majority basic crisis management functions, such as listing enough of personnel for key teams”. It said: “Political leadership on the offer fluctuated so much that no clear priorities were set for who should evacuate and in what order giving multi-thousandth of vulnerable people to whom we owed a debt a hope that could never be met”.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “Our staff has worked tirelessly to evacuate over 15,000 people from Afghanistan within two weeks. It was the biggest UK mission of kind in generations and subsequent months of intensive planning and cooperation between the UK government departments.”

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