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Vasik from PTI elected Deputy Speaker of the Punjab PA


PTI candidate Wasik Qayyum Abbasi was announced as Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly unopposed after one from the opposition side submitted nomination papers.

Previously, again elected Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Sibtein Khan announced elections on specified slot on July 31 (today) at 13:00 at the Punjab Assembly, exchange schedule that nomination papers will be presented on July 30 to 17:00 to the secretariat of the meeting.

However, Vasik of PTI filed his nomination papers on Saturday. in While from PML-N, MPA Pir Akhtar Rasool received nomination papers. It was later revealed that perhaps Ali Hyder Gillani of the PPP would submit his nomination papers. for seat of vice speaker.

After the deadline, the secretariat of the Punjab Assembly confirmed that the opposition had not submitted any nomination papers.

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Vasik said: “We were waiting for opposition until 17:30 (half past deadline) at the secretariat of the meeting, but no one submitted papers for nominations.

He argued that the opposition was fully aware of their defeat, so the nomination papers were not submitted. avoid further embarrassment in in public.

He said that PTI head Imran Khan version succeeded andpeople of country with Imran Khan.
He said that no doubt he had been declared deputy speaker without objection, but that the speaker of the assembly was constitutionally required to do announcement in Assembly session (on Sunday).

On the other hand, PML-N MPA Khalil Tahir Sandhu said that it is not first they had time faced such circumstances. “We were facing such situations since 2013.

He said they are waiting justice from the courts, adding that they contested the competition for speaker slot in The Lahore High Court, which they believe was held illegally in violation of secrecy of votes.

Earlier, opposition candidate Ali Gillani said it was unfair not to provide their nomination papers, accusing PTI of of “match-fixation.

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Later Gillani changed their position, stating that why would they go to participate in elections when PTI committed illegal acts in holding a speaker competition on July 29, which was already was challenged in TANK.

The Speaker of the Punjab Assembly adjourned the meeting. house proceeding until July 31 (Sunday) to hold the election of vice speaker after Treasury legislators issue a Motion of No Confidence against former deputy speaker Sardar Dost Muhammad Mazari removed him from office.

That day house also elected Sibtein Khan of PTI as new assembling the speaker after it has fixed 185 votes. His opponent Saiful Maluk Khokhar of PML-N scored 175 points. votes – three short of opposition total strength of 178 in provincial legislature.

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