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Uttar Pradesh government removal orders of Illegal loudspeakers from religious places

Amidst the heated debate over The use of Amplifiers for azan (call for prayers from mosques) and parties of bhajans (religious songs), Uttar Pradesh government on Monday order for Removal of “Illegal” loudspeakers from religious places in the state.

The directive was issued by Additional General Secretary Avanesh Kumar Awashi.

Awasti directed the police to ensure That all “illegal” speakers were removed of religious places in State by April 30 and compliance report in This connection must be submitted to government.

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Police officials have been asked to speak to religious leaders and brief them on government guidance. It was stated in the guidance that so should Make sure of that in the case of legal loudspeakers sound Levels should be in According with The rules.

According to reports, loudspeakers from several important temples and mosques were removed in The past After a few days of controversy.

Loudspeaker fixed On top of the famous Gorakhnath Temple, which was earlier faced The path towards the temple was directed so that people outside You don’t have to hear high decibels sound. The temple was previously headed by him former Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

controversy erupted over The use of Amplifiers for the purpose of azanAnd with several saffron outfits demanding for a ban. saffron outfits He installed loudspeakers over several homes in Varanasi, Lok Sabha circle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started reciting bhajans And other religions songs through them at high decibel levels during azan.

president of The Shrikashi movement had Vishwanath Gyanvapi and BJP member Sudhir Singh. also Ask all Hindus of Varanasi for install loudspeakers above their homes and join The five recitation times day.

Earlier Maharashtra President Navnirman Sena Raj Thackeray had warned about it party workers will start recitation Hanuman Chalisa At high decibel levels if the state government You didn’t get the speakers removed of mosques in Maharashtra.

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