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up security in B’luru’s Idgah Maidan after SC said no to Pooja; Lalbaugcha Raja Started ‘Online Prasad’ Service

a total of Rapid Action Force (RAF) 120 personnela team of 100 special Ammunition experts, 10 factions of The Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) also state in place to me avoid No unwanted accidents. The police have already Noisy items have taken in The area in custody and also held flag rallies and a series of Meetings with religious leaders.

Meanwhile, the Chamarajanagar Citizens Forum, who has been fighting legal battle He urged the authorities to do so allow To celebrate Janeshutsav, she stated that she would abide by the order of the Supreme Court.

Hindu organizations chose to abide by the order. However, the police are not taking any chances.

Ramy Gouda, head of the forum, stated that the organization will continue to carry out its legal work battle And he is confident of emerging victorious in The coming days and the celebration of Janeshutsav in Edgah Maidan in a grand in a later way.

The police have also made Tight security measures in Edja Square in pregnant city The Karnataka High Court allowed the Ganeshutsav festivities.

At a late night hearing on Tuesday, Karnataka High Court upheld an order of Darwad Municipal Commissioner has allowed the Ganesh Chaturthi festival to be held at Hubballi Idgah Square. Judge Ashok S. Kinnagi saw that property It belongs to the municipality of Dharwad, and Anjuman Islam was only a lease contract holder for a period of 999 years for a fee of Re 1 for each year.

The court heard issue earlier in today. The Municipal Commissioner’s order has been challenged in Court by Anjuman-e-Islam. The court allowed the commissioner’s order but at the same time, the supreme court was hearing the commissioner’s decision issue of The festival is allowed in Chamrajpet Idgah Square in Bengaluru.

Anjuman-e-Islam has claimed that property in The question was protected under places of Worship Act, 1991, which says not religious place of Worship can be transformed. The Supreme Court said in the case of The property in The question, wasn’t it religious place of Worship is allowed for Prayers only in Bakrid and Ramzan. through other timeswas used for Destinations like Market and car park. Supreme Court order of the current situation in The land of Bengaluru was Chamrajpet also It does not apply to this case, the Supreme Court said.

Chamrajpet issue Involves a property dispute of The propertywhile the land of Habili belongs to the municipality owned by Anjuman Islam also Recognized, the court noted out. She said that there was an order of the Supreme Court on Bengaluru Adjah issueThe same can be said before.

The Supreme Court ordered for the current situation in Bengaluru issue Ganesh Chaturthi Festival set The country will celebrate it government It had to be blocked. It was mentioned in rope case. Judge Kinagi heard the matter to him official Room at 10 pm. After hearing the parties, including the state government advocateHe dictated orders at 11:15 p.m.

while, with Ten-day Ganesh Festival set to me begin on Wednesday without any restrictions for COVID-19 after a hiatus of Two years, civil Mumbai body directed up to me ensure This festival passes off Without any hiccups. Among other measures, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) set up 188 control rooms in 24 civilian wings across city. At least 10,000 civil servants including officials have been directed ensure This festival passes off safely with The support of Police, according to a statement issued by BMC. BMC has appealed to citizens follow Instructions of civil body and police during the festival.

Apart from Mumbaikars, there are thousands of people From the metropolis of Mumbai region And other cities to visit city to take darshan of Lord Ganesh in various Chaos, including the prominent “Lalbaug cha Raja”, which depicts various Scenes from legends history, or contemporary issues by setting up decorative sets. Civic body She said she received 3,487 online apps from various Organize the festival until August 26.

BMC 786 rescuers will be deployed in various immersion points And the set up 188 firstAmbulance centers. 83 ambulance will also Be tidy. immersion of local idols of Lord Ganesh takes place five/six Days after Ganesh Chaturthi. However, the main immersion processions are taken out on day ten of Festival- Anant Chaturdashi which falls on September 9 this year. Civic body He arranged 45 motor boats and 39 German boats for immersion; – Erecting 48 inspection towers and setting up barriers various Places.

For more brightness light in the immersion points3,069 flood Lights and 71 flashlights have been installed, regardless of where they are up 211 reception rooms for The statement said that better coordination. Altogether 357 Kalash to collect Nirmalia, or flower offerings made to idols of It was Lord Ganesh set up in various splatter in The city. 287 vehicles It will carry the ‘Nirmalia’ that will be used for Manufacture of compost. To rest of Worshipers, 134 temporary toilets will be placed in various locations.

Industrial ponds have been created in All 24 suites for immersion idols of Lord Ganesh. that online Registration Facility for immersion also made available On https: hreeganeshvirsarjan.com, civil body He said.

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