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UP cops deny knowledge of ‘gift-return’ video amid accusation of torture in custody

UP cops deny knowledge of ‘gift-return’ video amid accusation of torture in custody

BJP MLA Shalabh Mani Tripathi described the beating as a ‘comeback gift for trouble makers “.


Four days after Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Shalabh Mani Tripathi shared a video on Twitter shows cops ruthlessly crushing a group of men with Caption “Back gift for rioters”, the police in Saharanpur, where the accident was reported took placeThey say they don’t have information about the video. number one They filed a complaint and there is no investigation, they said.

In the video, around nine men Be strong and try to fend off the blows that are constantly raining on Including two armed policemen with sticks in What appears to be a police station, but in in vain.

The video spread two days after the Uttar Pradesh police stormed down on They detained several protesters of they for disturbing peace and harmony, as there were reports of clashes in several places where people Gather to protest now against rejected and sectarian statements of suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against The Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

BJP MLA Shalabh Mani Tripathi described it as ‘Back gift for trouble makers “.

Talk to NDTV, Sharanpur Supervisor of Rajesh Kumar, the city police, said they had no knowledge of the video. “We don’t know from where is this. If we receive any complaint, we will see.”

However, our investigation reveals a different story. family members of at least five of The men being crushed in He said the video is indeed from Saharanpur and men They were seriously injured.

One of The young men in Muhammad Ali video live in Bear Galli of Saharanpur. for him mother Asmaa was in Tears when I watched the video of to her son begging with The police stopped hitting him because his hand might be broken.

“His hands were swollen and he was begging to be allowed to. out. I couldn’t even eat for Three days now.”

In the same video, another man was seen standing in The corner wearing The white ball, Mohamed Seif. also From Saharanpur.

When we got to his house, his sister Ziba said that Saif had been beaten up so badly by the local police that he couldn’t stand it on his feet.

“My brother’s hands are swollen. They have hit “His got a lot,” she said, “and he didn’t even take him to the doctor.”

standing man next For Muhammad Seif in Video by Mohamed Safaz. for him brother Mohamed Tawheed, in Tears said the police beat him up savagely and even fractured the patella.

“I met Mine brother in The jail leg was bleeding.”

two more men From Saharanpur, Rahat Ali and Imran also has been recognized.

Four days later men were beaten upNo investigation yet in Saharanpur, with The police claimed that they were unaware of In the video, where is the accident? took place. families in The question seems too afraid to confront the police or file a written complaint.

With eight deaths in police custody and 443 deaths in custody in 2020-21, Uttar Pradesh accounts for The highest number of Deaths in custody in Country.



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