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University of Leicester ‘does not condone’ employee throwing eggs at Thatcher statue | Margaret Thatcher

The university said it “does not condone any form of of damage” after one of his staff was depicted throwing an egg at a bronze statue 6 meters (20 feet) high of Margaret Thatcher.

The scandalous £300,000 statue has been erected in Grantham, Thatcher home city ​​without ceremony over weekend.

Opponents warned that eggsthrowing was “absolutely inevitable” given how dividing figure Thatcher remains. When he appeared last year what the local council planned spend £100,000 on opening ceremony, Facebook group offered an eggthrowing competition. This is attracted 13,000 expressions of interest.

Sunday morning it took less than two hours for egg to be thrown at the statue that stands on plinth 3 meters.

The Grantham egg thrower was later identified as Jeremy Webster, Deputy director of university of Attenborough Arts Center in Leicester.

clips of Incident on social media have been removed.

On Monday, Kerry Low, the university’s director of marketing and engagement, said: “The university of Leicester long ago history of supporting art, encouraging creativity and protecting creative freedom.

“It doesn’t justify any form of damage and take any action of damage is extremely serious. This issue will be considered in line with the university’s own procedures.

Lincolnshire Police say they are investigating reports of criminal damage.

A statue, made sculptor Douglas Jennings, commissioned by the Public Memorials Appeal. set up order statues, busts and plaques of people of historical meaning in their chosen fields.

There was hope that it would be erected in Parliament Square, London. After Westminster Council turned the proposal down, it was proposed to Grantham and work led to achieve this by the Grantham Community Heritage Association (GCHA), the educational charity that operates the museum.

Two CCTV cameras were installed around the memorial. help combat any threats of an act of vandalism, the council of South Kesteven said.

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Councilor Kelham Cooke, leader of Council said that the statue is suitable tribute to unique political figure.

“Margaret Thatcher will always be an important part of of Grantham’s legacy, he said. “She and her family have close ties with Grantham. She was born, raised and went to school here.”

He added: “It is fitting, therefore, that she be immortalized by her home city, and that the debate surrounding her legacy occupies place here in Grantham. We must never hide from our history and this memorial will be a talking point for generations to come.”

There were no reports of any further egg-throwing. Webster was contacted for comment.

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