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United Ireland will be an economic disaster

This may take five years. Or it could be 10. Maybe even 15. But with Sinn Féin victory in Northern Irish Regional Elections, Nationalist party it is now clear in dominance, and a united Ireland is a real possibility for in first time in more how century.

If a party has its way the section would end – and together with this is the UK.

No matter what of where are you standing on This, one dot for sure clear. A united Ireland would be an economic disaster, especially for Republic.

South is far more successful than the North, but not big enough to easily absorb huge subsidies, six counties need to stay afloat. And couldn’t expect much help from the European Union. In reality, it would be like the merger of West Germany with East – but much, much worse in terms of in price it would have to be paid. Once it starts to sink in the chances of it will ever happen, recede.

Ever since the Good Friday Agreement brought a sort of of world region, support for Sinn Féin steadily building.

However, there is no doubt that this came as a surprise to most of rest of in world see an organization that many still associate with violence and terror actually won the election.

Led by Michelle O’Neill – relatively freshfaced moderate leader compared to some of her more sinister predecessors – party won 27 seats in Assembly, pushing the Unionist Democrats to second place with 25.

True, his success was in most due to breaks on unionist side of Argument. However, as a leader of the biggest partyO’Neill will be eligible to become First Minister.

She will be first nationalist to take this position and it will mean a huge change in Northern Ireland politics.

As Nicola Sturgeon showed in Scotland, as soon as nationalist politicians infiltrate power, they can build and build support.

Helped by the messy and inoperable Northern Ireland Protocol, which leaves Northern Ireland half in and half out of EU, this possible support for Union with The South will rise.

What are the chances that Sinn Féin will be able to win referendum? It can only be 20 or 30 pieces. But this higher probability than at any other point in some generations.

Here problem, However. The North isn’t exactly a huge prize, at least economically.

The numbers are sobering. This is runs in highest budget deficit of Any of four nations that make up up United Kingdom.

According to the analysis of the Institute for government founded on 2019/20 fiscal year it had a deficit of 19pcs of GDP – negligible more than Wales, and far higher than Scotland. As a result of in financial a crisis of 2008/2009 is hit a scary 30pcs of GDP.

The deficit per person is more over £5,000 again in highest of Any of four nations. Government spending per person is higher than anywhere else in UK, and tax revenues are lower.


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