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Unions ‘bribe’ workers to go on strike

Unions say strike payments are needed to compensate workers who lose their salary when they participate in Industrial Activity. A TUC spokesman said: “When workers take on difficult decision go on strike they lose their pay and rely on support from union foundations go on strike to feed their families.”

But doubling of some strike payments led ministers to suspect that bodies were deteriorating for a fight with Government and training for crippling strikes this summer.

last issue of Unison financial statements show that the body’s finance committee agreed to increase the strike pay “from £25 a day to £50 payable from the day one [of a strike] not a fourth day,” adding, “Unison needs to put ourselves and our members in in best possible position for win controversy.”

According to his records, Unison had a “strike fund reserve”. of £34.2 million of December. Unite has a strike fund of at least £35 million, which union officials urged members support Industrial Activity in ballots.

Mr. Kwarteng said the figures show that “militant trade trade unions” slowly accumulated reserves in to unleash the summer of chaos is year.

He said: “This clear they planned it for sometime. Looking at the numbers, this plan of them designed apply maximum damage on millions of people for as long as possible.

“We look at every possible way to ensure public services can be saved.


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