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Uncovering the Top-Rated Unconventional Summer Tours in Russia by Experts

Moscow, May 31 – On the eve of the holiday season, experts from the unique author’s tour market analyzed and rated the most unusual travel offers in Russia, YouTravel.me reports.
Sixth place He undertook a photographic tour to North Ossetia and received training in astrophotography. “It brings together professional photographers and allows everyone to look for their own shooting star,” the experts said.
In fifth place – Tour to Shantar Islands to see bowhead whales. “There are no people here, and the wildlife has been preserved in its original form,” the experts explained. Bowhead whales, killer whales, rocks with colonies of birds, bears, and salmon spawning.”

© Photo: the press service of the governor and government of the Khabarovsk regionShantar Islands


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Shantar Islands
In fourth place It turned out to be a trip to the wild world of Kamchatka. The program combines the highlights of the peninsula and takes place outside the mass tourist flow.

© the News Agency / Alexei Druzhinin | Go to Media BankA bear catches fish in the Kuril Lake in the South Kamchatka Reserve

A bear catches fish in the Kuril Lake in the South Kamchatka Reserve
The organizers promise, “You will be able to see bears, killer whales and other animals in their natural habitat. The bears here are very tolerant of people and do not show aggression, because they do not feel danger from humans and have enough food to walk a few meters away and watch the bear hunting for a long time.”
Third place: For those who are tired of the classic beach holiday, but are not ready to give up a trip to the sea, there are tours to the Arctic Ocean.

© Photo: Alexander AndreevA deserted village at the entrance to the Cape

A deserted village at the entrance to the Cape
During a twelve-day rafting trip from Norilsk, participants will be able to feel like real pioneers of the North. They will see old boats, barges, launches and abandoned all-terrain vehicles associated with organizing polar expeditions. Cape Entrance has interesting buildings and small boats.
In second place – Cave tour to the Beniga Caves on the White Sea-Koloy plateau, which is located in the Arkhangelsk region between the Beniga River in the east and the White Sea in the west.

© Photo: the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources of RussiaIce cave of the Pinezhsky Reserve

Ice cave of the Pinezhsky Reserve
The caves are mostly located in gypsum deposits of the plateau and differ from the usual limestone. According to the organizers, the tour is designed for travelers who do not have experience in exploring caves.
first place We took a trip during which you can witness the most intense meteor shower of the year – the Perseid meteor shower. It happens in August. Earth passes through a trail of meteors left by the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle. It will fly towards us at a speed of 210 thousand kilometers per hour and shine at an altitude of 70 kilometers above the Earth.

© Photo: Stas ShortPerseids-2018 in Arkhyz

Perseids-2018 in Arkhyz
Some of them – the largest meteors – will fall for several seconds, leaving bright traces in the sky. You can admire this unique natural phenomenon in Arkhyz at an altitude of 2000 meters. The tour is designed for three days, and the organizers promise not only stargazing, but also a rich entertainment program.

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